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what is black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
What is the meaning of symptoms of black magic? Its mean people they want to know are they victimized by black magic or not. They can identify black magic to their own self .how these people can identify black magic. first they read these symptoms of black magic if these symptoms match with any humans person so I am sure he/she is victim of black magic in this blog I will mention different type of black magic symptoms . most of the people they go to the magician, amels , raqis , and other spiritual person they go to the meditation and they tell people if the are victim of black magic or not .but in this blog I will make these things very easy to people those who want to know which type of black magic has been done on them .

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starting black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
If anyone wants to know starting black magic symptoms I am writing here
Below are the signs of starting black magic
1 anger increase
2 hate your self
3 Become lazy and made
4 sicknesses
5 stop offering prayer some time hates prayer
6 don’t like to do work
7 hopeless
8 feeling die or soon you will die
9 headaches
10 face colour change to  black , red or yellow
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Common black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
In this post I am telling to people most of the common symptoms of black magic .
1 headache
2 hair fall allot
3 body burns
4 Twitching in body parts
5 Joints pain
6 Weakness in body for no reason
7 pain in teeth
8 weakness of memory
9 feeling having fever most of the time
10 heart beat fast
11 mind is blocked mind is not working properly
12 increases sexual desire
13 losing money
14 all work blocked
15 incomes blocked
16 hopeless
17 bad luck all the time
18 feeling anger hate your own self
19 Heaviness in head
20 tightness in shoulder, neck, head
21 Depressions
22 face colour change to dark ,yellow or red
23 pimple appear on face
24 you are not able to pray
25 blue or red marks on your body parts

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Difference between one time black magic symptoms and ongoing black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
In modern century magicians are more educating in doing black magic. In past years ago magician do black magic only one time. But now they are well educate to harm people. Some magician they repeat their spell again and again. Why they do this because they want victim more suffer black magic.  The main question is how to identify if this black magic is one time black magic or ongoing. It’s very simple note your daily routine time and keep watch your clock if you have pain in your body first note this time for example. Victim is in home and he feels pain in neck 9pm and have some stress or pain in legs, shoulder or evil spirits attack. In the next day same time 9pm if this situation will create again. And victim feels same pain or spirits attack so its mean magician is repeating their spell again. The question is why magician chooses the same time to do black magic again and again. They answer is simple magician have lot of work to do they choose their free timing most of the magician they choose night timing they know in darkness magician magic will work fast. If any victim is not feeling pain in the same time its mean magician is not repeating the same spell if victim feel pains or effects of black magic only one day its mean black magic is done only one time and it’s not ongoing black magic. In my experience one time black magic treatment is easy but if any person who is continuous victim of black magic. There treatment is very hard its take lot of time to solve this issue. some magician are very smart they do black magic through evil spirits ( shaitan jinns ) these magician they assign evil spirits to victim and there evil spirits do black magic over and over again on a continuous basis so this type of black magic is ongoing black magic through spirits .

read this article evil spirits can do black magic there own self

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Amel soname

symptoms of sihir

As salamu allaiqum 

some of the symptoms of sihr are as follows, however, it is important to remember that you do not need to be experiencing them all to be inflicted-these are the main symptoms :

1 Objection/unwillingness to study, not interested in wife, home, etc.
2  Objection and unwillingness to perform Ibadah, specifically salaah and (or) reading or listening to the Quran.
  3 The person experiences a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure when their clothes, body and surroundings are dirty and unclean.
4 Absent mindedness, forgetfulness, feeling of despair, very easily angered, and very easily discouraged.
5 Laughter/crying with no apparent cause, or over something petty.  

6 Permanent headaches with no apparent reason/medical cause.  
7 Laziness, with no desire to do anything.  
8 Bleeding continuously (for women) without a medical cause.
9 Chronic constipation with no apparent cause/medical cause.
10 Extreme fearfulness.
11 Waswasah (Satanic whispers), doubtfulness, and suspicion.
12 Symptoms that go against the norms/contrary to how they should be, for example: a husband suddenly resenting his wife, and Vice versa, after having previously enjoyed a loving and caring relationship. Or, resenting work, after working hard and energetically. Or, the resentment of relatives, after affectionateness, and other such examples.
13 Extreme unrest and uneasiness, especially when the ayahs of sihr are recited.
14 Crying, shouting and screaming.

 15 A feeling of sadness, and depression, combined with a feeling of suffocation and difficulty in breathing.  16 The person may become a recluse, and may begin to feel resentment towards some of the closest of relatives and or friends 

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other black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum

i am going to tell you the symptoms of black magic.
if you have any of these symptoms then you are also suffering from black magic. 

1) if some one sees motion or urine in his dream or see himself in bathroom or with the motion attached to his body, see himself/herself in unhygienic condition.
2) headache.
3) the whole body is in pain.
4) the one wishes or wants to have sex.
5) back-ache or has pain in kidneys
6) smelly farts.
7) feels like the body is on fire.
8) the whole body remains hot and so does the mouth.
9) eyes remain red and feels irritation in eyes.
10) you feel to go to the bathroom after a little while for urine and motion.
11) fast heat beats.
12) difficulty in breathing and have chest pain.
13) become irritant.
14) face complexion changes and becomes darker day by day. the more worse the magic is the more your complexion will become darker.
15) feel pain in stomach and you will be having diarrhea like situation.
16) pimples appear on the face.
17) face becomes terrible no attraction left in the face.
18) feeling anxiety.
19) becomes impatient.
20) you have all the happiness in life but still you don’t feel happy.
21) what ever you eat you feel hungry again in about an hour and a half.
22) you don’t wish to offer prayer and day by day you go away from religion.
23) always you have throat problem and the voice quality is also affected.
24) get scared in dreams. sometimes sees snakes, spiders, lizards, and cockroaches in dream.
25) you have fear in your heart.
26) feels like some one injecting pins in body.
27) get pain in stomach and feel nausea.
28) become lazy. and sleep for longer durations.
29) you forget where you put things and spend rest of the day in finding. in money transactions give more money.
30) starts hating your self.
31 - seeing blue or pink dots or seeing funny lines
32 - feeling tired without any reason
33 - by reading or hearing the quran do you get pain in your body
34 - feeling sick and hot
35 - always having a erection
36- Twitching of body parts and soreness of muscles
37 - hands and feet turn swollen
38 - spots on the head
39 - strong smell in your urine
40 - when you cook a lot does a bad smell come
41 - body feels cold
42 - pain in the feet
43 - seeing dogs and dead people as well as ants in your dream
44 - going skinny day by day
45 - taking medicine which works at the beginning then starts giving you more problems
46 - seeing a women and man having sex meaning a wet dream
47 - body head and shoulders feeling heavy
48 - getting marks on your body
49 - body feels weak for no reason
50 - feeling dizzy and blacked out
51 - getting red spots on the body
52 - on hearing the azan you run away and you hate the azan
53 Your sleep is disturbed
54 Disinterest in life

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