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black magic symptoms and effects

1. Black magician’s most favorite thing is disturbing the married life of people and leading couples to divorce.
2. When wife or husband will see at face of either they will feel hate to each other. In result their life will become an irritating experience of life.
3. Continuous or consistent habitual headache problem is also sign of black magic.
4. Prolonged pain and infection in throat and problem in speaking
5. Some victims always feel like they are caught in a cage. They feel lake of oxygen and suffocation while breathing.
6. The person can be made a deaf with magic. He becomes unable to hear others.
7. Magician keeps away the wife from her husband as she gets extra menses periods.
8. Sometimes people may feel extreme and continuous pain in the body especially in knees or backbone.
9. Weakness in body is also a sign of black magic.
10. People become blind even with healthy eyes due to black magic.
11. Crumbling of teeth with pain and blood
12. Abnormal heart beat can also be done with black magic. Victim feels it a heart disease which is not the case in actual.
13. Always having fever and weakness
14. Feeling drowsiness all the time and not taking interest in work
15. Suddenly having weakness of memory
16. Feeling difficulty in understanding things even easy things
17. Improper working of brain and mental disorder
18. A good person suddenly indulge into bad habits and becomes an astray one
19. Becoming an addict or cigarette lover
20. Becoming an Alcohol lover and drinker
21. Extra increase in sexual desire or women selling herself for sex
22. Suddenly start hating the laws of religion and all respectable things in religion
23. Do not having dreams or even becoming prolonged sleepless
24. Having stomach problems especially Ulcer problem
25. Feeling acidity or fire in chest or body
26. As liver is an important organ of body, magician attacks this part to irritate a person and indulge him into extreme pain and discomfort. And to gradually kill him.
27. Husband or wife seeing face of pig or dog in each other face.
28. The man losing all of his sexual power and becoming castrated with magic, without his will.
29. Women continuously gives birth to weak or died children. If a child survives he/she becomes too weak and at last dies.
30. The magician also kills the child of a woman into her belly before he/she is born.
31. Making cattle so weak and useless for the owner. Especially, stoppage of milk of cows.
32. Husband starts hating his wife.
33. Stoppage of proposals of girls.
34. Joints pain
35. Women hates her husband and do not allow him to come nearer to her.
36. Sudden losses and decline in wealth and earnings
37. All members of home always quarrel with each other. In result peace of home destroys and lives of members become worst.
38. Woman becomes an infertile and unable to become a mother.
39. Person indulging into a bad disease which is incurable.
40. Husband or wife do not respect each other
41. Husband or wife becoming too much skeptic for each other
42. Suddenly without any reason losing job
43. A rich person becomes poor
44. Keeping away a person from his home by forcing him to live an expatriate’s life
45. Always feeling anger and quarreling with others
46. Feeling pain in ribs and chest
47. Parents of girl do not understanding and accepting any proposal and being skeptic about every boy
48. Forcing someone to love a specific person
49. Always being scared of some unknown factors or being lost
50. Casting magic on a person or child to indulging him/her into epilepsy problem.
51. Paralyzing the body of a person so that he/she could not do anything or succeed in life.
52. Making a person to suffer with palsy disease.
53. A type of magic is done to keep a person always sleeping so that he/she cannot take part in routine life works.
54. When a person start doing anything he/she could not do it properly and feels fully blackout in front of eyes.
55. The sense of thinking and decision making fails
56. Making a man patient of Nocturnal Emission. He takes medicines but the disease do not leaves him. If prolonged he becomes so weak and feels lack of confidence to talk and sit in community.
57. A woman having her menses periods stopped
58. Magician also can make a person fully insane/ mad / fool, so he/she does not understand anything and lives a miserable life by wandering in streets without clothes and eating worms/ wastage.
59. A type of magic is done on children to kill them with pain and illness by mixing ash of dead bodies into their food. In result the child starts becoming weak and weak gradually and the doctors cannot understand the actual cause of his pain illness. At last the child dies with so much pain. The magician gets the ash from “Shamshaan Ghaat” a place where Hindu people burn their dead bodies.

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amel soname


nisbat said...

Dear Amel,

Went through your blogs. want your Help. I am married and my husband and me are not staying together now from three days we are not in contact. I don't know what to do. He is in his own world. always with his friends party busy with phone. No love in between us. I cannot leave without him. What should I do.
waiting for your reply.

jelan said...

assalam alikum.

i jelan south indian i suffering from black magic past 17 years

please check it real what is happend.

Sumaya said...

As salaamualaikum.
I hope that you are well.
I am a South African Muslim woman and I have consulted many people for help but was unsuccessful so I am hoping Insha Allah that you are genuine and that you will be able to help me.
My entire life is a complete mess financially and love wise as well.
I was married to a wonderful man but my marriage ended suddenly and I need to know why because he is back in my life but I do not trust him at all.
Please I am begging you for you help, I am all alone in this world and if I do not find answers I will resort to suicide because I cannot continue with my life anymore.
Jazahkallah for reading my email.
Looking forward to a prompt response.

Anonymous said...

Asalam ulakum brother I need your help coz after a lot of trying I haven't found an honest Amil who could help rid of the black magic done on me and my brother we are in a bad state . If you can direct us to a good Alim we will be thankful to you , coz the one we found only ask for lot of money but no cure , so please please help us . A very troubled person needs your help. May Allah gives you ajar for you work . Allah hafiz.

haidare said...

Sich fenancial Problem Relationship
Für my Hausband and für sexual we are always fighting together i cannot find jobs . All my friend the go
Away with me my Brain es empty also my Sohn the dont have consentrate in the School also hes always sich . And Nobody Play withhim. And feel
Sleeping im Not Strong and my Menstruation
Alway stop im Not getting fregnance
And my husband he go away with me. Ps. I live
In switzerland i found your
Web.bei you tube quran us
Thanks you assalam

aman said...

Salam walekum

I have a low back pain and my body gets tired very fast i feel lazy at work and yes i fart very smelly i don't know what to do yes i do pray at least 2 times a day. Please help me what should i do to avoid all this and specially to get rid off with back pain please suggest me some spiritual healing power

Waiting for your response

Allah hafiz

Ahmed said...

Dear Brother,

One of my friend is affected with some supernatural being or heavy black magic.. I cant assure what it is but there is something strange.. She has a family background of magic issues and we had it checked with another alim and he said there's was black magic and someone wants you dead . Its getting worse.. are you available in Lahore or can we Skype? I will reply with symptoms nd all details as soon as I get your reply.. looking forward for your reply asap.

rafi said...

assalam alaikum
i am in Hyderabad in India . my brother is effected from kala jadoo. my brother marriage proposal is reject always that's why he become disturb. please give me any suitable amel address in Hyderabad India. i am very grateful to you.
thanks khuda hafeez.

aliyah said...


I have a question about magic that was done. We have been trying to cure the islam way for almost 8 years. There is a muslim sheik who has told me he can remove and counter react to the one who did it. Is this haram? To send it back to them ? There is no spell it's only Qur'an ?

Anonymous said...


Once I had been to Kashmir where I heard from

a mosque, recitation of Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah rpeatedly.

It touched my heart and I started reciting it cotinuesly

all the times whether in home or on road. Due to its recitation

I found that my mind does not wander and also escaped from

the filthy thoughts.

Kindly advise me

altaf said...

Assalomo Alaikum!

Dear Sir!

I am doing Wazaifs from the age of 20 and now I am 32 years old.
I want to help my family to curb it from black magic,however, my
beloved father was passed away due to black magic 1.5
years before, I failed to rescue him. I belief in One Allah and
Muhammad (Peace be upon him). but i am feeling a thrust a thrust of a
peer who guide me and do something for me for the betterment of my
mortal and immortal life. Did you like to help me for the sake of

Anonymous said...

Hope you are well.

I came across your web address purely by chance on a website dealing with black magic.

I am wondering if you can please help me with a question.

Recently I completed reading the English version of the Quraan for the first time. How I did it was I read each surah in English, then again in Arabic, and that's how I completed this Quraan. After completion I read the dua for completion, and went into prostration making abundant dua. It has happened to me before that when I make dua I feel a flickering sensation over my eyelids.

This time however, the flickering sensation was very intense. And it was specific to one dua that I was making, ie for marriage. When I went onto the second dua, the flickering sensation stopped completely. I then made dua for marriage again, and the flickering started once again.

Do you know what this means?? Your help will be most greatly appreciated.

Hafeez. said...

Respected sir,

Assalamo Alaikum.

My name is Abdul I am 58 years of age having 3 male kids. I am well qualified. very recently I was forced to quit a respectable job.

Since about 20 years I am facing too much of problems financially and some with my health. Since then I must have lost about 90 lakhs of rupees. I feel my family is becoming unstable day by day. More over I have lakhs of rupees loans on head. There is no unity, understanding, love and prosperity in the family. Daily there is heated arguments, fights etc at home.

About 10 years back,I seeing my condition,family one of my friends suggested me to see a good astrologer. I went to so many such persons. They said that I and my family are under the influence of "black magic". since then I have spent many thousands to heal but of no use. Finally I gave up thinking that it's not the effect of any such curse but may be my bad luck.

Since about 2 months I have a feeling that I am under the influence of such curse due to my continued downfall and problems.

Please help me to evaluate my case & ascertain my feelings and situation to know what exactly has happened. In case you require more information,over please ask me.

Thanking you in the meantime and anticipating you positive response at the earliest.

Sincerely waiting,


Anonymous said...

amel sahib i need help , i was wondering if u can help me find , if i have any bandish on me of any type.I have lot of problems and i need to know if you can help with allah's well.

Anonymous said...


My wife's and me. We are from
Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We married 2 months ago.

Due to abnormal and very little matters, she and mainly her family with
their resistant attitude demanded divorce forcefully.

Despite my and my family's full efforts to resolve any issues, her
family didn't cooperate as they were supposed to, even though and I and
my wife were so good to each other, and we were spending very happy

suddenly, my wife made false allegations on me like i am not sexually
fit, which she herself knows is not true. Plus she made many other small
allegations, which she knew she is lying. By all this we can only think
magic was done on her?

We want that she tells her family that she told all lies, made false
allegations against me, and tell her family that she wants to rejoin me.

Can you please explain the situation, what she and her family thinks.
Does she regret of what she has done now, can she and her family regret
of their inappropriate doings and decisions and can wife decide and
tell family to rejoin me. Is it possible? She is at her family house
these days.

Many Thanks,

nazneen said...

Asalawalwkum Wa Rehmtulahi Warbarkatuhu

With utmost request , am nazneen from india . im regular follower of your website since 2 years , when ever i have any issues with my life reading your blog n picking up the wazifas have helped me in my life . im gratitude to you for your noble help .now after couple of months gap when am trying to access few blogs from your website im having trouble with that.i dint had any other choice other then contacting you. am sorry for my silly act but i need your help because this blogs have given immense strength to me in times of distress , right now am going through one . i humbly request you to do the needful.

Thanking you in anticipation ,
Jazak allah khair

Anonymous said...

I have seen lots of symptoms of black magic in me , thanks for help ... Lost my very good job suddenly 2 years back and didn't find any after that ... So many interview ... After that try to do my own business that also a lose .. When ever money come to me it spend with in seconds

sandip said...

Respected sir,

I am sandip lives in siliguri. I am failure my own business, i don't know suddenly breakdown. and credit by my nearest friend some money. but today he is give his money. but i have no money. so, sir please please help me............. allah appko aur bhi asis dega. aur kam hone se appko kuch bhi help karenge .............

shabir said...

Salaam brother Amel,
My problem is that in my body it's like glue in my stomach,the things that make my condition worse are meat,chicken,bread,sweet things or fizzy drinks.i can't eat fried food it's like a ball in my stomach causing all body pain,body over heating in some places cold trapped wind etc. please help me.

Anonymous said...


Hi, I have read an blog that you have written about Jins having sexual intercourse with the female gender at night. so I was wondering if you could help me? As I have not started my menstrual cycle for a few months now and Ramadan is just a few days apart. Also I have done Hijama recently, so do you have any suggestions on me staring my menstrual cycle soon, as I only see it once every six months I was wondering if it had anything to do with jinns or.. Also I think it maybe evil eye, I am not sure but I need suggestions on how I can get rid of it. I have no one else to ask therefor I am asking you.
Thank you :) for taking the time to read this. I will be awaiting for your reply.

JazakAllah khair.

Anonymous said...

Asslam o Alaikum
I need or help to guid me what to recite n how many times and what times..i was very happily married but suddenly I started feeling sad and hope less..even thinking of no hope in life ..starting scare with death and becoming old..its becoming terrible..i did recite sorah rhman fr 13 days and then sorah naas 313 times for 13 days.after rciting sora naas I felt well but again m in this condition..then I strted sorah Taha verse no.68 ,1 time and 69 for 99 times and sorah Muhammad ,10 times for 15 days everyday in stat I feel good change but today is day 13 n m starting feeling the same feelings..please help me.Allh will bless u always.m mother of 2 kids,very hopeless..please reply me soon..JAZZK Allah

Arshad Ali said...

How can we protect our family from black magic?
plz help