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black magic symptoms of madness

As salamu allaiqum 

Mental distraction

excessive forgetfulness
impossibility of preserving the same situation i.e. work; accommodation; one might wander and sleep in desert places; they can hardly do any work.

remember me in your prayer
amel soname


Musa said...

Dear Amel Sahab,
My wife went to her parents house for visiting but at the time of return her parents put some conditions. This led to heated arguments from both sides. Now they are saying we will not send her back and we need a divorce. Please advise if there is anything you can do for me.

Sneha said...

Dear Babaji

My name is Sneha . Me & my family have been victim of severe Black magic effects for past 9 years. Many people tried everything to help but failed to cure. Everything has got finished. Despite of extreme beauty & very high qualification , I've not got married yet. I'm 38 years old right now. Please help me. I was in very good job at a good profile & been respectable socially. But lost everything. Please contact me or respond me as soon as possible as its already very late. Diwali night is considered special for the remedies, that's why I'm requesting you. Please help me.

My family has been in Good standing & had good reputation & respect in the city but right now lost everything. People used to respect me but now everyone try to defame me & do gossips about me in negative sense.

We know the reason & the people who did all shit with us but we are helpless as we have never been into all this. Please help, if you need any detail, please let me know as soon as possible.
Someone out of jealousy has ruined my life through Black Magic. People who have done this please help

Shahin said...


A few weeks ago, We tried to get help from a Maulana Sahib for a sick family member and we were told that the sahir is done on whole house. We are trying to get help from them but one thing is that I don't know who is doing it to us except that it is someone in family. Can you please tell us that is it our ex-aunt or my mother in-law or anyone else. It is very important for me to know so I can protect my family. We are not going to harm anyone just for our protection. I will be very grateful to you always.

Thank you

Khalid said...

Assalao alyqum

My name is Khalid my wife We are married more than 2

Me and my wife started having arguments and misunderstandings in May 2014 She was at her parents house and suddenly from 10th of June my wife stopped
talking to me, and went to lawyer to file divorce. Since I am Muslim and my wife is christian we married in church and in christian there is no divorce, she is now sitting at her parents house. She is not at all talking to me and I have not seen her after 30th May 2014. My father in law , mother in law and her one brother , they dont want me to see my wife and talk to her. It looks like my wife also have become like my enemy.

From 10th of June till date she is not talking to me and I have not even seen her face for 5 months. Her father is against and dont want us to live happily.
I want my wife back and want to live my life with my wife. Can you please tell me if it is possible. and how many days will it take.

I have gone to many amils and people who knows jadoo and sifli, but nothing happened and every one just take 3 days, 7 days, 11 days and no result.

can you please help me in this regard. to bring my wife with more love in her heart for me. We both loved each other a lot and got married. I feel she lost even that love for me now.

Please help me if you can and tell me how many days and what you need from me.


AbdusSamed said...


Dear Brother/Sister in Islam,

MaashaAllah you are doing very good job of helping people Fi Sabi Lillah...
May Allah SWT. help you in all manners and grant you Jannat al Firdaus...
My name is AbdusSamed,
We are struggling since long long years and have been facing many problems,
financially , spiritually... etc.
I have been in Dubai - United Arab Emirates ; to and fro 25years and I have been working hard and I have no bicycle owned by me. I have no bank balance too.
I have memorized many Quranic Surahs and do recite them on daily basis.

Can I be a Raqi like you if I will be treated by you...
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,



Anonymous said...

1.ok then i will tell you my problem over here. my relatives have caste black magic on my family since many years. and we were unaware of it til recently my sister committed suicide under influence of black magic under . since last 7 years she used to hear voices untill she expired recently by hanging her self. we thought that she has psychiatric problem so we were treating her medically.

2.since around one decade my body freezes during sleep and some one hits me on chest. when i am able to regain movement again i see no one around me.

3. i used to be a bright student but lost interest in studies. after a prolong struggle i became a doctor. but some how am not able to complete my internship.

4. i used to share a very good rappo with my brother and used to be the dear one of my papa. but since many years we stopped talking to each other until my sister expired recently.though living under same roof me and my brother never looked at each others face while crossing path for no apparent reason. the fight always started with petty matters and aggravated.

5. now my mother experiences that her body freezes while sleeping.

6. as day passed my temperament got worse and worse.

7. i used to suffer from some disease since childhood which i thought was medical problem. but since last 47 days i started reading surah baqrah which almost cured my disease. then we found out that i was given to eat a black magic food which lead to this disease.

8. me, my mother and my brother hear someone running at night in our house at night. but when we open our eyes we see no one.

9. now my mother sometimes feels that she hears voices of my deceased sister. even i felt so twice

10. i consulted few amils but the charge they ask is too high and my retired father cannot afford to pay such a hefty amount. i have already lost my sister thinking that it was a psychiatric problem. we discovered this too late that we were victims of black magic.

11. While sleeping at night i feel some one shakes me. even my deceased grandmother used to get same feeling when she was alive. she also used to hear voices and we used to think it was psychiatric problem.

12. once when i got up in the morning i saw a bite mark on my chest and hand. how can i get a bite mark?? i am as pure as bibi i am a woman with ure character.

13. and when my parents used to talk about my marriage, at the end moment somehow the matter gets disposed

14. all of a sudden there is little bit financial problem. my brothers pet fishes die suddenly again and again one by one.

15. once in my sleep some one slapped me. when i got up no one was around. once when i was sleeping some one raised my hand without me realizing. i was unaware of this till i opened my eyes, and then i saw my hand being raised without my will, as i opened my eyes and saw this, my hand was dropped.



shahzad said...

Assalamo Alaikum

I am impressed by your blog..

Is it possible to ask you some questions regarding the third eye?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Salam I m from Madinah Saudia Arabia I need your help will you help me I m in problems plz help us

meeta said...

I was reading your blog online and my symptoms match eg the dreams I see is I am in the temple using bathroom where I pray. Also, I had red spots on my body, I have job problem even though I am qualified. My Sister in laws and husband are very jealous of my success and beauty. I can feel the hatred in them. I just lost a good job. I knew it was coming because I had strangers attacking me verbally without reason, then the dreams I am using bathroom in my prayer room, my clothes getting soiled. Please help

sobia said...

sir i m worried as i m suffering from spell...
the wazaif u mentioned on ur site
do everyone is allowed to do those wazaif to cure black magic ????
or we have to take permission from pious aaamil before reading these wazaif ??
kindly help me
i was very good in studies
but suddenly my memory became weak
heart baet faster
unintentional clash with room mates in hostl and very bad happened to me :(
even once i saw someone in veil having red cross on his/her forehead.
i told to psychiatric but he told take the medicine he ignore my all strange experiences....
i m very disappointed.sometimes i thought my teacher made spell on me.
plz help me so that i can again become successful person.

nazmul said...

Dear Brother,
Assaalamu waalikum
My son is a bright student but last few years keep failing his final part exam. we think some one done black magic
to ruin his life.Please help my son with Quranic verse that will help to pass the exam.Please tell me what is '
''HISAR'' and also the meaning of AMALI Magic. Kind regards.


rizwana said...

sir my name is rizwana,. i got married in 2005 from the day i got married my self and my husband r fighting like any thing.. till now .. he love his mom his 2 sister brother in laws and their children.. he never share any thing with me,. he tells each and every thing to his mom and sisters.. we always fight regarding their family .. if i call to his mother also she says i haven't call and tell him bad abt me,.. tell him not to be with me . tell him to leave me.. i have 2 kids
when i see him i get angry.. always i don't know y.. always wants to fight with him,, i don't know y..?? i think black magic has been affected on me... i fell to hit every on with leg,,, i fell to kill my self and kills my kids i don't know y ...suddenly i cry like any thing.. i am torching my kids also.. and my husband also plz help me,,,,

plz plz plz.. help me i think i have been affected with black magic and jinn,, plz help me how to cure.. by Qur'an verses .. i am reading 5 vakhth namaz even though i fell fear in my heart.. kill my self..plz give me ur ph, no...
and plz give me procedure in detail how to cure black magic my self

Anonymous said...

My husband and i have been married for 20 years and have 3 children. I am the only one who supports us financially. My husband is abusive and lies to me. He tells his mother everything that happens between us but makes it a point to hide everything about his family. He refuses to work to support his family, but if his mother wants money then he will work. He will even take my earning and give it to his mother. She is always money hungry. A few times I have refused and it caused problems. He will often do it secretly and I find out. His mother has 10 children and the others do support them. I do not feel he has a right to take my money and give it to her .She is more important in his life. She gives him bad advice on how to deal with me and he listens to her. Everything is his mother and his sisters. He does not listen to me at all. She has told him lies about me and caused fights. His family can never do anything wrong and if I ever complain that they
did something, it is as if he does not care. He even puts them before his children and has been physically abusive. 20 years has been long enough and I am now tired of all of this. His mother feeds him negative thoughts about my mother and family and wiill even make up lies about them. I wish his sisters and mother were out of our life forever and he would give us importance. Me and my children should come first. It is his job to support us financially but I am quiet on this. I do not ask him to work if he does not want to .I do not feel he should give his mother any money if he is not going to give it to us. Please help me. I want him to stop telling our secrets to his mother and sisters and make us his priority.

ALI said...

Aslam O Alikum

Anonymous said...

assalamwalikum brother,
how do i find out black magic is done on me with help of duas ?please help me brother

Rafik said...

As-Salaam Aalaikum

I got your reference from one of my friend ,am seeking your help

My Name is Rafik born n broughtup in mumbai .

since last 8yrs am facing badluck n hv been unsuccessful in all aspects business wise personal wise and thr seems to be no improvement no solution to my problems

so plz see wt best you can do .

Anonymous said...

hello sir, me and my family is in a big problem. because anybody done black magic or something on our house. so me and my family member feels fearful and angry when we are inside the house. sir did you tell me that how many person of our house is suffering from these problems. please tell me treatment also

monawar said...


Aamil Sahib:

Today, I have found your site and it attracts me a lot and finally I thought you the right person to share my problem. Hope you will extend your kind cooperation.

My daughter, has been facing a problem from her husband, since a week. They both were leading their life happily. Her husband resides in Saudi Arabia for earning his bread. Her marriage took place on 5th May 2014. She is living with us these days. He constantly made calls her. He promised her to bring her there.

I am unable to understand the situation that suddenly arises.

Will you please let me know the reasons behind it and the solution of it for which I would be thankful to you for your kind help in this regard.

Waiting for your early reply.

rehan said...


Its a pleasure to talk to you. My name is Rehan . I have been suffering from a long time because of magic. 1 year ago I had gone to Bhopal to One Alim who treated me but nothing much happened. I have a problem of getting orgasms without any thoughts or actions involved. I read your blogs and found them very useful and want to reverse the filthy spell. I know the risk involved and wanted a transliteration of the 2 Hisar duas so that I can perform the amal. I don't have any money to go to amils or the like so ihave to handle what seems already very difficult. Also I wanted to know if smoking cigarettes after performing the amal is ok or is it getting the devils in easily Thank you very much and Insallah I will always remember you in my prayers. Please know that this is only one of the things happening to me because of magic. I am in a drug rehab forcefully put to tale my medication and in both sides they are constantly doing magic and there the caretaker of the rehab who involved who is always around.

Thank you

Jamil said...


I was residing at Bangladesh from 1990 to 2003 presently at Bangalore
India....I was very rich businessman in Bangladesh but what happens i
suddenly gone in depression fears and came at my native place Couplet
under Gujarat state of India....from last 12 years while i m living in
India i am going down and down my wife has taken divorced from me
forcibly and at present i am living alone at Bangalore....some times
i don't have money for food and i had visited many dargah's in India
but life is not coming on track please help me in this
source of income is so low by operating a computer and i always
remember my two loved daughters living with her mother....Please help
me in this regard.