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symptoms of sihir

As salamu allaiqum 

some of the symptoms of sihr are as follows, however, it is important to remember that you do not need to be experiencing them all to be inflicted-these are the main symptoms :

1 Objection/unwillingness to study, not interested in wife, home, etc.
2  Objection and unwillingness to perform Ibadah, specifically salaah and (or) reading or listening to the Quran.
  3 The person experiences a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure when their clothes, body and surroundings are dirty and unclean.
4 Absent mindedness, forgetfulness, feeling of despair, very easily angered, and very easily discouraged.
5 Laughter/crying with no apparent cause, or over something petty.  

6 Permanent headaches with no apparent reason/medical cause.  
7 Laziness, with no desire to do anything.  
8 Bleeding continuously (for women) without a medical cause.
9 Chronic constipation with no apparent cause/medical cause.
10 Extreme fearfulness.
11 Waswasah (Satanic whispers), doubtfulness, and suspicion.
12 Symptoms that go against the norms/contrary to how they should be, for example: a husband suddenly resenting his wife, and Vice versa, after having previously enjoyed a loving and caring relationship. Or, resenting work, after working hard and energetically. Or, the resentment of relatives, after affectionateness, and other such examples.
13 Extreme unrest and uneasiness, especially when the ayahs of sihr are recited.
14 Crying, shouting and screaming.

 15 A feeling of sadness, and depression, combined with a feeling of suffocation and difficulty in breathing.  16 The person may become a recluse, and may begin to feel resentment towards some of the closest of relatives and or friends 

Remember me in your prayer 
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naveed said...

Salam O Alikum,
Dear Sir,
With due respect that My Name is Naveed Ali,
My age is 30 years old but not married.
I lot of tried for marriage but in vain.

So I want to ask you that when my marriage will be done?

How will be my wife?

Can I become rich after marriage?

What is my lucky Number & star & Burj?

I shall wait your kind answer

saleem said...

salam alikum

my name Is saleem .my sister having the problem devil . when enter the body see speaking cruely .but we show the soo many doctor and spiritual healer but no wa
please give some sujjection to UAE Allah will help youthank you

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum.

My husband was a very loving and caring our seven years of marriage,last two years his behavior has changed a lot.he bullies and beats me.sometimes he is too good and the next minute he is the most abusive mother in law was against our marriage.but due to my husbands profound love for me at that point of time,my mother in law accepted me and our marriage happened with the consent of husband was known to me as we worked in same place but we had no affair.

My mother in law is very dominating.she abuses me and my husband supports her.they lies. The utters filthy slang.but when we are away from the home station,my husband behaves better with me.I find his deep love for me suddenly changed into hatred.for last one year,whenever we are in the same station,he sleeps with my mother in law even if I am in the next room.why a married man will prefer not to sleep with his father in law died 23 years back and my second father in law is a step father to my husband.they lives in same home though separately.

Now I see he is wearing a taweez on his left mother in law also fed me sorbet toe times forcefully which she never did before. May Allah forgive me,but I am suspicious of her marriage on the verge of breaking.

Can you please guide me on this?

Anonymous said...

My mother was first feeling weakness then she got jaundice, we were thinking its normal jaundice but then kaala yarkaane and now she is unconscious.

Doctors are not understaning her illeness. First time liver in ultrasound was ok and after one month doctor are saying it is shruken liver and cirrohsis.

Kindly help me fast as i suspect it is kaal jaado


iram said...

My problem is that i have facing some strange situtaion in my life. i got marrried before six months ago and i am not physically fitt every time having any disease, me and my hasband quarrel every time. difficulty in breathing. i cant breath easily. i feels suffocation. and every time
feels sick all the time. having fever. and remains weak.
i seen my husband’s face very large in size in the night. i am facing infertility problem from very long time. I have also period problem and now starts 2 time in month, please suggest me some thing wrong with my self . my medical reports are clear but problem is still

Salman said...

My name is Salman . I m always ill and fight with my wife . After marriage we were happy but for last 02 years we fight a lot. Kindly check us what is the problem with us. thank you

huma said...

Assalamualikum,my name is huma ,i read the symptoms of black magic.i m sure i m victim of mom name is amna.i m from UK please tell me any wazifa ehich should b short nd easy to save me from black magic.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikom Wr Wb.

can i have you mobile no. please i am in very big problem i need you to help me to find my mother how just left home and left a letter that we can only find her dead now. please help me before it gets too late.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

I am writing from BRUNEI DARUSSALAM,

We are currently facing very bad and almost doomed business selling ready made muslim clothings here in Brunei.
We have been in business for a couple of years but the last few years have been really, really terrible. The first two/three years were good. Now we have piles and piles of stocks which remain unsold and we have no money for our turnover.

There are three of us taking care of the shop

Could you please, please kindly get back to us. We are in a terrible state requiring immediate attention.

Thank You

Jahan said...


After 4 years of the marriage, Allah given us the one baby boy in the month of Ramdan in 2013, When he was born, the baby was perfectly all right, but on second day, he became Bluish and we had to got him admitted in the hospital. Where he survived for 7th days and passed away on Friday (Jamuat ul Wida of Ramdam) 2013 .
Please make some calculation of us. If some body has made some bundish or jado.

Anam said...

i wanna ask about me as my health is going down day by day regardless of any medical pathology. since grade 7 i got kidney pain just like an electric shock, then in the second year of my university i got lower backache which is now getting worse, i just cant decide in which position i can b relaxed. now a days including my kidney and back problem I've got abdominal pain specially in lower area that i cant stand straight. I also have got migraine problem since grade 7. One thing more that I am now 25 years of age but still there is no proposal as its a natural thing that its the age of.
so i wanna know about that what is it relating? I will be very thankful to you for your concern and time.

Anonymous said...

Which surahs can break Jadu for a person not able to get married and a person whose mood seems to be controlled and running from prayers?

Thank you

Wasim. said...


I am writing from Bangalore, India. I am facing problems with money as well as married life. Please can you diagnose if someone has done any blackmagic on me or any jinn problems.

My name is Wasim . JazaakAllah-khair.

Anonymous said...

Amel Soname,

Is it possible for you to diagnose my condition over the internet. I would like to know if I am a victim of black magic/jinns? From the various blogs of yours, it appears that I could be afflicted. But beyond the diagnoses could you tell me what I should do specifically; and if you can help me with your powers

I would appreciate your response,
Thank You,
As Salaam Aleykum,

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
i have a problem in which i dont know how to solve and difficult to explain if i could get a way to talk to you and get a solution.....i am waiting for your response.

Anonymous said...

the problem is that a girl put some black magic on me and found out a month later i used to live with her in dehradun which she never told her full name i had a fight with her because she had left the room and kept coming back with her married boyfriend which she had an affair with i left the room with two other friends and she knew i was coming back when i came back there was a paper in my almari when i opened it i could not understood what was written in it because it was written in urdur the old urdur in yellow ink and three names was written and then cut seperated i showed my muslim friend but cld nt tell me den from a jyotish he told me there is very dark magic on me nd my frnd shaiq khan nd nw we r suffering from many prbms plz help us no one can defeat it there as to be a solution i saw ur website and read it nd understood it thats why i ask you for help im desperate its been almost a year

taimina said...

Aslaam Alaikum brother
I trust you in good health. I am writing regarding black magic compelled on my mum. This magic that is done on my mum is life taking magic.
I wanted to know how I could stop the magic from happening on my mum, is there any quick ways of getting rid of it.
I would be really grateful.if you could help me with this matter.
May allah always keep you and your family happy and healthy ameen.
I will be waiting to hear from you.

Ehsan said...

Thanks for this websites, i really really tired to find medicine regarding my headache. i feel headache more than 20 years. i am tired to read Qur'an. Tired of looking another medicine about islamic way, tired of consultation about doctors in christianity.

i spend a lot of money how to cure my headache.

i always attempt to suicide but not continue due to going to Na"r, and maybe if i am a soldier or policeman, i am already died.

i feel that i am crazy because i always wrong. do a bad thing which is prohibited to islam.

i always do not have concentration...

please guide me how to cure my sick.


maryam said...

i was surfing on internet and i saw your website. i and my family (including my parents and a younger sister) are under black magics for several years . im a 22 years old girl,they did spell on ship bones and buried it in Jewish cemetery:( also a spell that i cant marry till 30...what should i do? i want to help my family. my parents are both believers. i am a believer too. i don't know why people are so jealous...

God bless u

Anonymous said...

With More Respected
Prayers !
Dear Sir,
i have, some time i sleep with that hearing,
But Please My Condition is same, ( Problem is my enemy have taken my Memory card in which My whole family Photos were present,) So I think he does magic on those Photos, And some time he Calls us from new number, when some one ( in our family) Picks the call and just say Hello, Then The Call Picker Will get any problem of these ( Epilipsy, Too Much Cough, Breathing Problem, Fighting ( Breaking The house items ) Crying , and act like Crazy ) So Please Help me please How Can we get rid of that person? He is our enemy , He wants us to be Poor and Sick forever,
And just because of that i have been missed 3 years Study of Commerce, and Job, And other more problems are creating in our Home, Even i have meet with lots of Experts of Healing Black magic with Quran , Those Work for 10 or 15 days , then the same thing happen Again, Every day we have some one sick in our house and fighting all the way, and Facing Dog days even now a days we are taking loan for food to eat some,
Amil Sonami Sahb, IF you could help me with This Issue Sereousely and with your HEart, Me and My Whole Family Will Pray for You FOrever, And we will remember you in every single prayer, this is the tough situation on us and looking for a nice personility to help and Expert like you , So Please Help us with your bottom of you heart, And InshALLAH , ALLAH will Difinetely Give you the Reward of that, In Both World After and Before the Death,
May ALLAH keep you safe and Happy , your family as well, And Me and Family,

( Personal Request ) Please help Me , As you Help your family , like brother and son Please, Act me like the part of your Family, ) Believe Me I Respect You Very Well from My Heart !!!
And Wishing To Meet you Personally,

Anonymous said...

To all of you, lookng for solutions. The simple, and most easiest, foolproof way out of jaadoo is the one Allah has taught us. Our Prophet S.A.W was inflicted with sihr. every aspect of his life has a lesson for us, and that as well. Allah taught him the 3 quls to recite, to cure him of that. SO RECITE THE 3 QULS DAILY, WITH SINCERITY AND TRUST IN ALLAH'S HELP AND YOU WILL BE CURED, IN SHA ALLAH.

Aqeel.ali said...

AoA sir I am married about two years but still have not children my medical report also good but I have not pregnancy tell me what I do. Thank you