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black magic symptoms separation

As salamu allaiqum here are some black magic  symptoms of separation

1 – An upheaval of the behaviour and feelings in an abrupt way. One passes from a major love to a visceral hatred
2 – Suspicion as for the actions of the other 3 – Refusal of excuses
4 – Reasons of dissensions keep worsening even for trivial issues
5 – Disliking the other as soon as they see them
6 – Getting bored with the actions of the other and hating anything done by the other

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TZ said...

I had a love marriage. I am from Karachi she was from Lahore. Her family had immigrated to Canada. And I was going to follow suit. For around 6 months every thing was fine. December 19 2012 everything was fine but December 22 2012. She started hating me. Ever since then nothing I have done has mattered. The gifts I send.. My denials everything has failed. It has been more then a year since she has even picked up my phone.

TZ said...

I had a love marriage. We loved each other a hell of a lot. Her family is in Canada while I am in Pakistan. Immediately after the wedding she left for Canada. For 6 months everything was fine. But on 22 of December I called her and she I realised HATED me. Filed a suit against me on false charges. She has not even picked up my phone for almost a year. I keep sending her gifts. I have had multiple dreams in which I was asked to recide Surahs Feel, Falaq & Naas. And also a dream in which I was sacrificing a black goat and distributing its meat to orphans.

Whats your opinion?

shazia said...

As Salam Elaikum,

I am reading your website , requesting Istikhara for me and my family,
We are strugling every day and there is no barkat at home or money.Kids are not happy,we hardly have any money to spend on us of the kids, trying to finish Mortgage , not seeing that happening.
Jobs are going down the hill, instead of increase we are given pay cuts,coming promotions at all, we work very hard and we are not enjoying at all. kids are suffering in schools, older daughter and younger son have issue focusing and studying, daughter wanted to be a doc and after high school , not interested at college at all.the other kids are the same.depression and anxiety.My husband has bad back, and I have pain on my ankles times to times.

Please help.

Thank You

predrag said...

I am Christian but respect Quran and Islam have been to one man healer 19 years good man was murdered in Afghanistan by Taliban salah Mohammed rohani he was like my uncle God rest his soul now I know I have black magic done I feel I see jinn corner of my eye I dream bad I am intuitive I know my wife cheated in me and she argues and she fights she Luvs me and wants forgiveness I have given it I am not Allah to punish her and she still insults lies and we don't have sex or she forces herself I have sought several hear let's spent money nothing lasted more than week please she is in pain headaches black under eyes ALWAYS nervous arguing and fighting me please I luv her if it doesn't stop I will divorce and my son see and feel it all inshallah I've been sent to you for reason pls can you help or see mashallah my brother and blessings b upon u thank you for your time predrag USA

mushtaq said...

dear sir i need ur help u have a great knowledge.i am here in Bahrain
kingdom i am facing some problem i see u and read about your spiritual
knowledge.i have keen interest in spiritual but i have not meet a good
person i read about u i want discuss with u some my personal problems
u reply then i discuss with u if read then as soon as possible reply

Anonymous said...

Salaam alaykum,

My name is Mohammad and I live in London. I have a big problem in my life. I don't know if it is black magic or not. Can you help me and tell me if there is any black magic on me?

Thank you.

raj said...

Please give me suggestions wht I do ..
I always feel sleepy when I was in my room. I am so depresses. all the time my mind will thinking.
I drink water more than enough but I feel thirsty after drinks water .I went to toilet more than enough.
My mind not works in study when I read book then I feel sleepy please give what to do

asim said...

Assalamo alikum

i study your posts about black magic.

i hv keen interest in diagnose medical or magic treatment.
it is request to guide how to diagnose it?

if u hv any related pdf material, plz send me.


HIRA said...

Respected Sir,
Assalam.o.Alaikum !
My question is that is there any way to find who has done black magic at our home/any family member. and also is there any way to find that our home or any family member affected by black magic or not ??? Can you please advise in this regard ?
Awaiting your positive response,

Shahin said...

I have been a constant victim of black magic by my husband's relatives.

My problem is just not going away and the people I have consulted in this regard have made me pay lots of money but there are no results.

I have now run huge amounts of debts and that is a problem in itself.

My family is falling apart and now I have no help.

I do not have any money to even hire someone to help me.

nabeel said...

Salam Sir,

1) A patient Says, after Ruqya while he recite La Ilaha Illa Antha Subhanaka Inee Kunthum Mina Lalameen 300 times & also while reciting Ikhlas, Falaq Feels Erection of his Penis. The Same Patient had Some Dirty thoughts(related to sexual parts of the body) in the time of Ruqya.

He also feels Heat in one of his ear & some pricking pain in Legs Finger while Doing Zikr or Salah. His Hands & feet becomes Cold when doing Ruqya? Sir, What may be the Case & Solution?

2) One Patient saw a Buffalo & Animated Dog in Dream in his dream ?

Ali said...

Assalam.u.alaykum, my name is Ali and I am a doing job in one
company. I got engaged and after 1.5 years I got married with a girl.
It’s been 3 months ago we got married. Before marriage everything was
okay, but from the second of my marriage, my wife complaining about my
mother. We are only three people in the family. Me, my wife and my
mother. She is continuously complaining about my mother and my sister
(who is also married). Her problem is like she don’t understand my
family and not adjusting with my mom. She is very lovable and
trust able person but somehow she always considers small-small matters
like today my mom did this, she said this, she always rude with me,
she want maid not me, she do lablalblbla. In three months of married
life we got 5 times big fights. When she is anger she directly says
leave me, she says there is no future, and ask for divorce. Yes of
course I do love her and she also so the same, but her habits like NOT
IGNORING small-small matters, and exploring the matters, and not
behaving good with my mom makes life like hell. Please suggest some
solution for it. Major problem in our married life is her habit of NOT
IGNORING small-small matters.

Holly said...

I found your your web on Google And I was hoping you could help me with a problem I am having. I am being severely attacked by black magic by a coven of satanic witches. I live in the USA. I am not Muslim so I don't know how to pray with the Qur'an. My children are also being affected by this black magic too. I am very ill from what has been done to me. I have almost died several times because of it. My son never gets out of bed and sleeps all the time, he never leaves his room. His stomach is upset and my daughter has same problem her stomach is upset and they throw up sometimes. My daughter misses a lot of school. I was told by a shaman I have 8 entities attached to me. And I am becoming so I can't move my body anymore. I need help. If you think you could help me I would appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I am 47 year old woman in Bahrain . My fiancé has left me and doesn't want to come back. He lives in Qatar with his family. I want him to leave his family and come back to me.
I would like him to return back to me and only love me. Is that possible and can you reply to me urgently if your work is guaranteed and 100% sure it can happen.

Thanking you in advance.

Anonymous said...

may i know if you do black magic and rituals?

are you based in Singapore?

what are your charges like?

thank you

Anonymous said...


I read one of your post online in a forum.

Can you check if I have black magic/bandish etc.

What details do you need?


rajesh said...

dear sir,
we got a major problem since we married in 2003. can u please recognize the problem I know the problem but i just wanted to know from your side.

we went to various Pandit ji's & Maulavies too, they told us the problem without any clue from my side. they tried there best but couldn't solve the problem.

some of them told me that my wife is a "Black Magic" victim and some that my wife is under the command of jinn , and told me the same we were facing without any clue from my side.

In these 10-11 year I tired of it.

can u please help us ?

and is there any fee of your service ?
If yes then please mention.

in waiting of your reply

Vishal said...

Dear Molana,
I am Vishal from Gujarat, India,
I am 34 years old and I am not getting married...
The Girl whom I like , reject me... I don't know why?

So many Trouble in getting married, I think some one has done black
magic over me
to stop my marriage life and also affect my daily work...

Please help me in getting out of this trouble and please take me out
of this black magic...



sharqa said...

Asalam aleikum,


I am 29 year old girl, from India, suffering from strong, hard, and
old, black magic.The Black magic it been on me from the last 9 to 10 years.

I am feeling weak, sick, depression, insomnia, delay in marriage.

I want to do ruqyah treatment, please guide me, how to do it, and
which Quranic verses is good for me to beat this old sihr.

I am punctual with Namaz, Quran, and stay away from all bad habits.

Hope you will help me.


Anonymous said...

My in laws have done magic on me n my husband.he hurts me n some times he says that I will give u divorce he listen what ever her mother says.
It was a love married but now he has change 99% I asked so many people n I have paid a lot of money to break this magic but nothing good it's becoming worst to worst plz help me
I did every thing what ever I can make it but :(((