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what is black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
What is the meaning of symptoms of black magic? Its mean people they want to know are they victimized by black magic or not. They can identify black magic to their own self .how these people can identify black magic. first they read these symptoms of black magic if these symptoms match with any humans person so I am sure he/she is victim of black magic in this blog I will mention different type of black magic symptoms . most of the people they go to the magician, amels , raqis , and other spiritual person they go to the meditation and they tell people if the are victim of black magic or not .but in this blog I will make these things very easy to people those who want to know which type of black magic has been done on them .

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Amel soname


Anonymous said...

im suffering from black magic since a long time.Im suffering very badly.can you help me
jazakallahu khairan,may Allah reward you with jannat and fullfill all your wishes.......ameen

tousif said...

as salam alaikum,

sir my name is tousif

sir can you suggest me any good amil from india bangalore or in karnataka state.

i have been to atleast 15 amils in india but dind find any relief even after doing amals still if i go to some one they still tell me i have magic on me.

i am suffering from heel sole pain both feet. making me unable to stand or walk hardly,

so if you know any good kamil amil in india or from state of karnataka please inform me

as salam

Anonymous said...

i have a hindu friend who is suffering from black magic and health issues.she is having string belief in islam and knows duas too but dont do namaz.can u pls tellme can she read ya salamu for the cure .can u pls tellme more duas and wazifas which she can do to cure black magic and diseases.thanx

shahena said...


I have only one brother who is married. we were a very very happy family. My father passed away 3 years ago and my brother abandoned my mother and us. She wasn't allowed to live in the family home any more. My mother now lives with me. He HATES us so much and his wife has been spreading very bad rumours about us which people believe.

Now my brother has cancer and he is dying but still doesn't allow us near him and his wife still behaves very badly towards us. He never calls or comes to see my mum or us. We think that a strong tabeez has been done on him to change 100% and hate us so much.

My mum cries every minute and every day. I cry every day because of the gibat him and his wife had spread and because it is not true. Also why does he hate us so much and won't come to us. Please help before he dies.

A lot of people are saying that he is being punished with cancer because of the way he is treating us but he was never like that before marriage.

Please help I want my brother back. I want him to realise that his wife lied to separate us.

Please help

storitel said...

Dear Amel

I just come to your site; someone that worked for me in the 1980 for jealousy has coursed me.

If I have to express my problems I need to wright for one month, I have all that you described,

I get devil come in the night trying to kill me, I have seen them, we wore told some 10 years ago about it we have lost everything, I have found some people saying they can help, we wasted a lot of money but nothing has changed, if you are able to help will be much appreciated.

Awaiting your replay, Blessings to you

Anonymous said...

Salam oalaikum
I want tell u thank u for ur sight jazAllah khair inshallah Allah protect u n ur family from harm and every Muslim ,, I have a probably when i was a very young around 14 maybe I gave a old lady my hair n my hair clip and this old lady son ask for me maybe 5 time or even more , of course in a young age my parent said no over n over again especially my aunt is married in that family , I have went to couple of ppl who do rokias n they told me the same thing that I have sihir n I'm possessed with a jinn , I didn't know I had black magic until I started to do my duties as a Muslim that's when things started to appear like I see dogs in my salaa or naked ppl and naked ppl in my dreams n it's always a guy try to have sex with me in my dreams I always turn my husband down I always love my husband then i started to get disgusted n he smelled really bad n even I tell him to stop n go wash up n put more perfume he will still smell ,, I get really angry easily n I feel every very lazy I always look at my self I c I'm ugly n sometime I hate my children , the I feel movement in my body , I feel movement all the time n even in my head I feel sometimes moving ,I feel sting needles in my body when I hear Rokias on all the Quran it feels that way I go to sleep most parts,,,, sometime my heart races I feel I'm going to die ,, I'm contact u to help me with Allah permission to help remove it from my body I'm not scared of it
But I need to get my life in shape with my husband n kids, JazAllah khair n inshallah u will reply to me n let me know what u think

Anjuman said...


it is regarding my husband. we have been married for 18 years. we are living in a joint family . I think my sister in law is doing something to her ( jaadu toona) he is not interested in me anymore.

please please please help me . I have 2 small kids 11 years old and 8 years old.

samreen said...

Assalamualaikum brother,
My self samreen and I am facing some problem in my life that I was very slim but for past some years I put on my weight now my weight is 115 kg what to do I am not getting any praposal for marriage I am doing my job but no saving I saw ur blog and what ever black magic symptoms you show on your blog brother almost happening with me please guide me and what to do my mother is expired last 16 years ago my father is not supporting me pls brother guide me for my problems I download your jalali mokelat recitation on my mobile but when I hear that audio I feel headache why this happening to me pls sake of allah (swt) help me I loose my hopes please .
I will wait for your reply
Jazak allahu khair brother

Anonymous said...

i have read about you on google so i'm here to acquire your help. my son is too bad with me, he behaves very rudely with me and my children. he uses bad words for me and for brothers and sister. i need peace in my all family members if u could help me in any way then plz reply me. also inform me your place of residence.

shahid said...

It is humbly requested that i am suffering from sever tensions like jobless ( I have submitted application at many departments but not even a single response from any side, no single penny in hand and please assist and help me.

homera said...

Assaalam Alaykum Amel,

I have read your blog which was really interesting. My sister is a victim of black magic, she got this checked by a Mawlawi who said it is very strong and dangerous magic that's being done on her; I don't know how accurate this was but she's had it checked by many others as well who say the same. She was given taweez and duas for this but nothing seems to work. She is really stressed and is cursing the people she thinks are doing this all the time, the Mawlawi said that the black magic has been done to stop her and her husband from co-operating at all but I think it is affecting her in many other ways such as illnesses and also I think it may be affecting her kids. She has now paid someone a lot of money to break this magic, but he's given the same answer as the Mawlawi.

I am learning the Quran in English therefore I may find a solution from there as you stated in your blog that Prophet Mohammad (peace be apon him), himself was a victim but I just wanted to know if there was anything you could suggest she should do.

I also wanted to ask a question for my friend, if a person gets someone to do black magic that isn't seriously effecting the other person, and done it in anger or depression but the person then regrets it afterwards; what can she/he do?

shadab said...

As salam waleykum,

I am Shadaab , i am from mumbai, india. I am facing issue of getting job from last 2 years now. Though i am well qualified and had work experience still i am not having job from more than 2 years now. I got one job but no salary from last 8 months and have now stop going for work and looking for another job . I resigned from 1st company for highr studies bt after completing it i am not getting job . I give interviews but gets rejected everytime. I am married and have tension because i also dont like sitting home and be dependent on my father and brother, i love to work hard but none of my efforts work in favour of me.

I went to see a person to get solution form this problen , he told that someone has performed black magic on me and gave me tawees and told to do utara for 21 days and burn the taweez under peeple ka zhad and put milk over it . Couple of times so called baba's have thug my family . I do not know how powerful the magician is who has caste magic spell on me but i pray to allah s.w.t and offer namaz but not regularly , but i will try from my side to pray regularly. I am looking for quranic./islamic solution to get rid of this issue. Also one person told that the magician has caste magic spell on my wife so that she cannot have child i.e bache ki bandish and for me job ki bandish. I am really tensed howver after reading quran i feel good. Thanks to Allah S.W.T.
Days are passing by , pressure is mounting every day on me . I will really appreciate your advice , suggestion and all your help.
Looking to hear from you soon.
Please let me know if you need any more information.

Anonymous said...

Asalam alaikum,

How are you brother? I came across your website and its full of usefull quran teaching alhamdulillah and jazakallahu question is at the symptoms,they are abit confusing because some are normal to human nature like of urine or fart to smell and more. Second question what is your profession?

Shukraan and i am sorry for my questions ,i dont mean to offend but i wanna clarify

Anonymous said...

Dear sahib!
Assalamu alaikum!
The people who live on the right side of our house i think possess black magic powers, and they use their magic to disturb us. They seem to have magical powers to control and fool and cheat and enslave and misguide almost any person they want, including other neighbors. They share a wall on the right side of our house, and other people seem to loose all sense of logic when they come under the spell of these magic neighbors.

Can you please guide me how to protect our house against their magic? can you please tell me of some taaweez which i can hang in the house specially on that side of our house where we share a large boundary with ismaaeel? i think pure water works against their magic, but i do not understand what to do with water?

Hidayathtulla said...

As Salam O walakum

I am Hidayathtulla i am job less. I have worked as general manager for real estate. I have 16 years of experience in marketing. But i am not getting selected in any
Company , since from 2+ years i am job less. I have to take care of my wife & my 1 year 6 mths baby. Where i my self dependent on my parents and on my enger brother.
Please give me a solution to come out of this problem. I am trying a job in other company which is in real estate . Please do dua for me to get a job. Please.
If he selets me then i can come out of my back situation. Please tell me what I have to do, for getting a job in This company.

Thanking You

yasin said...

My name is muhammad yasin and i want to know about my condition...i think someone has done safli elim on me and i have no energy in my body and suffering from heartattack. I am also 34 years old and never have heart problem before in my life. Also everything is going wrong way for last few years. I will be very thankful if you can help me or guide me to the right way before its get too late for me. When i will be able to get someone stop me not to get married.There is lots of other strange things happening. Please reply me and i will send u all information you need.let me know if you need anything else.Thanking you in advance.

Saira said...

My name is Saira but don't know what happened for the last two years nothing happening good . Whatever I want to do nothing happening I am 35 now in uk and done assylum here now waiting for the response just pray for me it will be on my and my baby favor.

Wanted to do some work from home like I used to do bit now I feel everything is near but not coming to me something stopping.. I feel some one cursed or done some thing bad on me and my family because nothing good happening my husband is also jobless but he is in Pakistan there are so many problem first I want to sort my financial situation to stable because I am middle class and worked so hard after my father death, helped my own family but no one loves me.., but honestly now I am thinking of my baby only thts why I am here in uk..

Please please this is my last chance to achieve I am so much depress and had very tough time some time feel like suicide..

Want to pray but some thing stop me..

israr said...

salam brother

i read your website and would be grateful if you can can kindly assist .

since last 3 years i am suffering , depression , no interest in work and
going down in financial losses.

i have been to see 2 people first who said there is magic but now finished

second did rakhi , he read quran verses and said there is no problem

But i loose interest in business my shop is closed i am in big debts.

Please brother can you advise me i am sleeping tiered all time my shop is
closed and nearly everything is repossessed
by the banks.

please reply if i have problem and what the solution is.

jazak Allah

Shagufta said...

Asalaam Alaikum

My name is Shagufta .I'm a divorcee and recently met a man on a shaadi site. We get along great over the phone and met for the first time on 25th Jan. Everything went well and now he wants to do an istikhara as he is having doubts. We have hardly spoken since we met and he said that he is doing an istikhara and needs time to let things sink in. Before we met in person he said that once we meet he will bring his mother to our house to progress the rishta and sounded very serious.

This always happens, i meet someone and then when we meet in person they stop contact with me. Someone told me this is due to bandish or 'bad nazar' or something similar.

I have questions:
1) I would like to know if is good for me for marriage?
2) Will He contact me for marriage?
3) Is there bandish on me or nazar?
4) How can i remove this bandish ?
5) How can i get he to return?

Thanks in advance

Shkaria said...


I have been trying to get job or business but nothing works for the last 7 years.
Before I had good job, good sources of income and international exposure. I was
well off. Now nothing is working. No permanent source of income i.e job or business. Please look into it and suggest solution. thanks. Regards
i try but fail in every direction
think to start Job, in vain
Think to get job, no response
I am in blind alley
I am not successful in any thing
Now I lot of responsibilities. I am desperate to start some business or get job.

What I have spiritually done so far: I have been reciting qurani duas, Sura Yasin, Muzzamil, Fatah, Rahman and other barkat ki duain. Some gave taweez to wear, burn them with desi ghee, take shower with taweez, etc.

There are difficulties in every thing. There are hurdles in everything.Simple things become difficult.

Please help.

shahid said...

Assalam Alikum Brother,

Could I have your phone number I would like to ask you and Ijazat one Amil. I would really appreciate. Awaiting your reply.

ali said...

As Salamu allaiqum

My wife has been ill for 7 years, Doctors are saying that she’s got cancer they have been giving lots of different medicine but none of the medicines are working and doctors can’t understand some times they say it’s not cancer but we don’t know what it is. So can you brother help us? In the name of Allah many thanks.