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Common black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
In this post I am telling to people most of the common symptoms of black magic .
1 headache
2 hair fall allot
3 body burns
4 Twitching in body parts
5 Joints pain
6 Weakness in body for no reason
7 pain in teeth
8 weakness of memory
9 feeling having fever most of the time
10 heart beat fast
11 mind is blocked mind is not working properly
12 increases sexual desire
13 losing money
14 all work blocked
15 incomes blocked
16 hopeless
17 bad luck all the time
18 feeling anger hate your own self
19 Heaviness in head
20 tightness in shoulder, neck, head
21 Depressions
22 face colour change to dark ,yellow or red
23 pimple appear on face
24 you are not able to pray
25 blue or red marks on your body parts

remember me in your prayers
amel soname


Anonymous said...

Hi Amel,

How are you doing? I came across your website and went through some of the topics. I am an Hindu and living in India.
The reason I am writing to you is that I am very impressed with your writings about Black magic and about saving relationships.

I need your help as my husband and I separated due to his alcoholism and extra-marital relationship. Though we are separated, he visits me as a friend. I believe we are victim of blackmagic. I tried several things to patch up but nothing is helping. Due to his drinking, it makes it difficult to live with him as he gets abusive.

His mother and I tried to go to Hindu spiritual healers to help him overcome his alcohol addiction but nothing has helped till now.

It will be a great help if you can advice if you can help me with my problem.

A quick response will be greatly be appreciated.

faria said...

As salamu allaiqum
my life is full of problems we r 4 brother n sister my number is 2nd all r merried n have kids except me befor 15 year some one doen black magic on me from 2003 my life is full off problems from every steps in relations in studies in life evry where i m unsuccessful i have doen many wazaif dowain every thing i m still un married
-now i m in love with one person he live in uk n from pakistan he is coming to pakistan in last of dis march n want to get merry with me in april but her mother is not agreed plz help me plz help me this is last hope for me plz give me some wazifa do something for me so we will get married in April with his parent wish plz .plz tell m what should i do i m very hopeless.i dnt have money to give some amil i m alone even my mother got fed up with me plz help me.waiting for ur reply

Anonymous said...

Assalam Walaikum Hazrat Sahab..
I am A.Razzak Iam going to turn 60 years in a few days. I am an Engineer. started my career as a Professional in 1972 & till 2001 I was doing Very Great & Good. I always trust people to a Maximum Extent & thus I have lost Quiet a Lots, to the extent that I lost my dear & only one son in 2001 & incurred a tremendous Losses in business & had to shut down my Firm where I was a Partner. I had to sell off my house & be Jobless for a long time ie till 2009. Though preferring Muslim breather en to work with me, I have always had a troubles with the people I always share confidence with. I again joint a company in 2009 as Chief Technical Officer but again lost the confidence of my MD & had to leave the job in 2010. Now I am having a small comfortable home- Allah Ka Shukar Hai.. I have 2 daughters.
I have invested all the money earned & saved in a Project & over-n-above taken Loans from some friends. Pursuing to start the Project since, 2011 & everything has been worked out & Finances are also ready... Alhamdullillah...! But due to what I reason I am not able to Proceed further. If this Project fails for some reason, I will Not be Able to payoff the Debts.. I feel that some Black Magic must be there. Please Suggest some Duas. After Namaz I read Sure Fatiah, Yaseen Sharif & 4 Kuls, Darood e Muhammedi . Please mail me some suitable Taviz & Duas. Please Help me in the name of Allah Tabarak-O-Talla...
Expecting An Early Favour on your behalf..
Allah Hafiz & Duaon Mein Darkhwast

awais said...

my name is awais . I live in wah cantt..can u plz tell me am i affectd by jin or jadu.bcoz my health is n0t good and interupti0n in studies..jazakALLAH.

mohsin said...

Assalamu alliaqum

i need your help i live in UK,my all family was going to peer for about 4 years we helped him a lot in every thing.know we found out he is only a fraud peer he don't know anything about Islam.he had done Spells . in short we are not going to his place any more and he is giving us pain by black magic to all our family .all kind.please give us advice what shall we do

Sana said...

I want to do the taksir e jafari for my husband but will it work if there is sihr on him I think there is sihr e tafreeq? Can you check please let me know

Anonymous said...

Asw Amil Saab

Do you cure black magic?
Can you please read and check if Me and my elder brother are affected by black magic.
How much will healing cost?

Anonymous said...

I Have been informed by some Spiritual healer that i am affected by sihr(Black Magic) but they havent finished of the healing, they said there are lots of jinn on me and my qareen jinn on me has been disturbing me throughout my life, they also said that there are two blockages,on me for work and for marriage, and that two bad taweezes have been hung up in high places to make my mental state go above reality, i dont believe that raqis can completely heal a patient as they are not amils and they dont allow good taweez.
My mum and dad have passed away, and i live with my elder brother.
when i was 16, i heard a jinn in the kitchen and it came and grabbed my head, then i felt a tightening in my head and chest, after that i was admitted to a hospital, i then recovered in later months but then i had hallucinations and i was imagining false things and then i went back into hospital, i get angry at people quickly and my friendships break, anyone i get close to, the friendship and connection breaks. i have dreams where i am falling form heights and dreams where i am falling. sometimes in my bed i used to feel that something has a hold of me and holding me so hard that i couldn't move or speak to say Allah name and even the kalima, i believe that jinns try to sexually attack me as well. I also have dreams of snakes.
My brother doesnt have a job, and keeps being admitted to hospitals and bought back home after cured, this has been happening to him for more than 10 years now , our family have turned against us and call us both mental, because we tried to get our dads house in Pakistan and they kept trying to stop us and they finally succeeded against us and have given my dads house to my uncle which my brother is very upset about.
Brother Soname, i think the people doing jadoo on us are more than likely related to us and i think its strong jadoo. Insha Allah with your help it will completely break and i will be happy to take any taweez from you for my protection.

shoebuddin said...

Sir, my name is shoebuddin , i am an engineer, and presently pursuing my master in engineering, but till now i have not found any job. since last 6 years i am unable to get a single job.
I have lot of interviews they do select me at that time but after some days i get to know that you have not got selected.
I am not finding the solution for it sir. I am waiting for your reply sir.

sonia said...

Respected Mr.Amel Soname,

I am in a very bad financial condition.I am without job,no other source of income,no house,no bank balance.I am separated with my husband.My husband though working with a christian ministry used to abuse,shout,and beat me mercilessly.He did not give me his salary and did not let me work.His sisters also tortured me a lot.I myself wonder how I passed twenty yrs of hell in my husbands house.Here a priest told me that his sisters has casted black magic spell on me and 'ash of dead' has been fed to me by the woman my husband was having affair and the spells have been casted from long back Now also his sisters are provoking him to bring back the daughter not me.I am also facing ill health like liver disorder,allergy on face and depression.I do listen to'jalali mokelat' recitation and it has helped me a lot.After I started listening to it I got rid of many problems but main problem of finance is still existing.Please help me at the best.

sabeen said...


My name is Sabeen,Im facing lots of Problems in life....i am married & have 1 son.

Im on wheelchair n cannot do anything ....... i live in my susraal with saas and nand!!!!!

My husband abuses me, don't give me respect, money or anything........he gives everything to my mother in law!!!!

My nand abuses me n my husband don't say anything to her or my mother in law!!!! is he in some asraat?

i live a life husband hates me!!!!! :'(

I don't want to live anymore but am helpless because of my son!!

Plzzzzzzz help......Allah will give u loads in this kaar e khair!!!!!!


wasim said...

assalammualaikum i want to clarify regarding black magic.....

1.i become lazy and sleep for longer period of time

2.i have pain in whole body if i play for 1 hour

3.i seen dead body in my dream once

4.i do not wish to offer prayer...i offer namaz only on Friday

5. i got smell in mouth

6.i have completed BE in Electronics and Communication ENG G till now i
haven't got a job

i want to know the symptoms i have mentioned above are related to black
magic and tell me how to over come

i looking forward to hear from you soon


ROHAN said...

we have read your article ,but we are HINDU , therefore i cant do these solution.
I lost my job before one and half year I am engineer and having 25 years of experience . i am very much puzzled from last 4 year .there are so many people behind for me either it was at working place or in relative . the earlier people related to my previous job are still anti with me and trying to work against me so that i will not be able to get the job . all the relatives are against with me and always trying to downgrade me.
please suggest solution in English so that i can understand properly.please give solution in such a way that i can do .

Anonymous said...

Aslammu Alaikum,

we have effect by black magic whole area of the plot of the house boundary
So please help me how can i have to remove all those black magic

Khuda Hafiz


Musarrat said...

Dear Brother

My name is Musarrat . Before 3 months, i had a good job, but due to sudden conflict in the office i had to left the job. I was Public Relation Manager there. In my whole life i did not find any difficulty to find a job. these days every time i failed to qualify last round of interview.

These days the situation of my husband is also same. both are passing through financial crises. I do not know what happen. Do u have any religious information that you can support me through any ilm...

Waiting for your reply

iffat said...

my name is iffat i belong to pakistan i have very serious problem for marriage plz if u give me ur contact no then i discus my problem with u in detail i shal be very thankful if u trust me

Anonymous said...

my wife left me 2 month ago i am still keep touch wit her she always say i am come back soon but dont come really my wife is European woman because i dont know how to recite Qur'an really that my sister recite form in Pakistan Surat ya seen everyday for my wife she not come back last 8 years i am living this country Ireland no visa no job very hard life for me but my wife know about ever think i do only nikka if do Christan marrige then i get my visa in this country i want soon my wife back here wit me please kindly help me soon thanks

Samrah said...

Asalmualikum my name is Samrah I am in desperate need of help I been married for 6 years now living in new jersey usa and my husband family always creating trouble for me and him but nowadays his cousins khala kids came from Pakistan in usa and got my husband in total control he never used to like them or talk to them now all of the sudden he loves them whole day is with them serving them doing everything he can do for them which is ruining our marriage he hates me doesn't wanna talk to me sleep with me on same bed. I am excessively crying but he doesn't care his cousin older one I think she has done magic on him because everyone says that she has some moulana in pakistan which she goes to who does magic. Please can you help me and my family to get back together and have them out of our lives I want them to leave us alone forever I want my husband not to ever see thier face please is that possible I really need them to leave us alone. They both are brother and sister who bother my husband and controlling him like a puppet. I will be waiting for your reply please do reply thanks.

Anonymous said...


I trust you. I wonder if you can do a taveez to me where I was just thinking of studying, and books. Because I want a taveez who cane do that I just study, becomes proficient, start love my books and study and succeed all the time in my studies and not think about anything else. I want to succeed in my studies and manage my studies all the time. Right now my school is not going good and and it offends me. I just want to think about my study, nothing else. I Want to succeed in my studies, and in everything I do. I want to pass all my classes and feel good about it. I Want a taveez who cane do that I love only studying and praying to God and became good in my studiyng.

Is there a taveez that makes you to get a good self-confidence, self-esteem, feel safe, feel good, is not afraid of anything, becomes brave and succeed all the time in their studies and everything else. I just want to love my study and succeed in my studies.

Anonymous said...

I read your article in net.
Please tell me full procedure to recite Surah Kosar ?
What should I recite before and after which pray?
Will it come in my dream?

How to find out if black magic has been done to me through name?
When ever I ask this question to Rohani healers they say YES
I feel they are just after money and have lost trust in them.
I want to learn myself the procedure they are using to find out through name.
Please can you teach me the procedure?
I will be grateful.

Lightning said...

Hi Amel

how would someone brake this black magic that was placed on them?
and show most of the signs of it? also how would you brake powerfull seals (even Ancient ones)?

Anonymous said...

janab i am salim khan i have read all the sysmptoms of black magic i found almost 10-11 sysmtoms in me,so please let me know that i am affected with black magic or not...

Unknown said...

Asslaamwalaikum all symptamus is matche how can i move from that majic seriously i am very much disturb plz help me