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blackmagic symptoms to prevent marriage

As salamu allaiqum

1 – Migraine now and again
2 – A tightening of the heart (anxiety)
3 – The man or the woman appears to be ugly to the other fiancée
4 – Lack of mental concentration: impossibility to hold a discussion
5 – Insomnia and anguish at night
6 – Malaise and agitation of one’s mind
7 – Agitated sleep
8 – Frequent stomachache and painful backbone

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jameel said...

sir, my name is jameel (nationality indian) I am working in saudi-arabia
from last 8 months i have started a automobile workshop, 3 four months it worked very good,
but from last 2 months not a single work is coming.somebody have adviced me to ask a amil
somebody had done black magic.please help me i am deep trouble,

noman said...


I have just come to know that u r a good amil . i and my other 4 family members are suffering from incurable black magic of the very same nature but different intensity. v r all patients of stomach and brain . Someone has attacked our brains coz v were brilliant in studies infact my younger broke all the historical records of Pakistan in Fsc(Pre -Engineering) in 2008. i hv gone 2 different amels and peers in these last 3 years but no one has has been able to cure it Also medicines do not work on me . I am in in helpless condition for last 10 to 11 years . Moreover my urine is blocked for year or so . Some say there r also effects of black magic on your house . sometimes i got better with some tavees after drinking it but they seem to lose work after some days .


Anonymous said...

hello and good day to you,

I've read a couple of your blogs on signs of bad luck and black magic and how to
know the root of the problem. i have a few questions i'd like to ask you, because i don't know if
you are still using this email since you stopped your blog.

thank you

shabana said...

my name is shabana ..i got married to 2 yrs back ...
within 3 months i broke with my husband and took khula...i was not happy with him since he was not good to me...
since 1 yr i am getting ailments one after the other...
i am also looking to get married again....
can i know if my ex did some jado on me...if so how can i be cured of the jado....

Rashieda said...

Salaam. I need ur help desperately plZ. My name is Rashieda. . Been divorced for 25 yrs now n I cannot find a partner. Its like no man can c me. Plz is it possible for u to tel me what sort of bandish I hav n what I can read to open my way for marriage. May Allah bless U!

Anonymous said...

Rashida. To read sura Bakara and Taha 2 times dayly. To rub hole body and face dayly olive oil with 7 times Fatiha, Kursi, Ihlas, Falak, Kafirun Nas, Argaf, Taha, Yunus (ayat against magic). To drink this water with this rukya also. Duration maximum 3 years. Who has problem with money must instead Taha read Imran and sura N100. and rub oil and drink water. It is against crebs and all deseases also. BUT WITH OIL! Without oil it not so fast and effektive.

Sura Argaf ayats 117 till 122
sura Taha ayats 65 till 70
sura Yunus ayats 79 till 82

During menstruation dont use oil exept bikini zone and dont read Koran, but listen to.

aalia khan said...

salaam just I want to ask about my one problem.when I read surh a hasher last ten ayaat.some thing happened wrong with me.I saw a horrible dreaming and my door was

singhal said...

Dear Sir

Good Morning

Today while surfing on net, came to your web.

I am facing a problem of marriage. I came to know that someone has done some kind of totka so that my marriage doesn't take place.

I want from you one thing to guide me on this, that what I should do.

Also not getting the better success while I hold sufficient qualification.

Please guide me.

Ahmed said...

Alslam alekm

my name is Ahmed , I am 51 years old I suffer from black magic and I have done exorcism 4 times in my life.

my life like a hell since I was 17 years old, what ever I do I have to fail, bad luck is happening every single day in my life, I could not marry for 5 years, I approached over 30 girls in 5 years and every one was refusing me even before they see me.

I saw 3 healer to remove the gin was preventing me from marriage until I married, but the bad luck is not stopping , all my friends they can not believe what is happening to me daily from bad luck , I am very poor although I work in Australia and my rizk has to disappear every day by the bad luck.

I will give you examples about what happened to me to understand more about my problem with rizq.

I bought a car second hand and checked by mechanic and it was in very good condition, after one week the cam shaft inside the engine is broken.

when I went to repair it a big repairer company ( not the mechanic who checked my car to buy it) told me the chance for this to happen is one in 8 hundred million car.

I started to trade in the share market and I noticed one company drop in price and in one or 2 month increase again to 40%. I bought shares and the company did not move up for 3 months, the price dropped by 15% less than the price I bought it, told myself i will wait until the price jump up again

after 3 one more week my mom called me urgent from Egypt asking me for money to do big operation in her both eyes, I sold the share immediately losing 15% , that was on Friday, by Monday ( 2 days after I sold my shares the price jumped up 40%).

I have too many loans and credit card, I have very strong pain in my both knees, I did every thing you can imagine, xray, CT scan, MRI , I saw 4 bone specialist and all of them confirmed no problem in my knee.

every day I get more loan and I borrow money from people , I was very religious when I was young but what happened turned me into different person, I can not pray, I can not touch quran, I saw faces all the time when I look at the carpet or the ceramic,

I see very scary faces , animal faces, devil faces I tried every thing you can imagine to increase my reizq, nothing is working, I tried to create website, it does not work, share market it does not work, created 3 books and tried to sell them on amazon, no chance, I created song and tried to sell it , I did not sell anything although I sent it to professional music producers companies and they all agreed the songs were very good . I worked in pizza shop to get more money, I got sick, I worked in cleaning company, the owner lost the business, everyone accusing me I bring bad luck.

I have degree from university as chemical engineer and I have master degree in material science too. I work as engineer but with very low wages, I have been tyring to get another job for 6 months now as engineer, and every time I pass the first interview and go to the second interview they cancel the positions, companies call me for interview then my resume disappear and they forget about me.

Anonymous said...

I have run out of money and I decided to kill myself after one month, I have tried many of the ways to heal using quran from the internet and none is working, I saw a dream to read the god names (99 names, every name I write it and cut it put it and put it in zmzm water ( holy water and ask god to heal me from the black magic, nothing is working. all my family and friends have normal life except me, I can not take any more pressure , I suffer from very bad depression and stress for the last 18 years. god made my destiny and my future a hand of gin and people use black magic to make my rizq very hard and make me very poor.

this is just part from my life , I have thousand of story like this happening in my life every day.

if you can heal me from the black magic , I saw many healer and all of them confirmed I have black magic to make me very poor and in financial problem every single day in my life.

I do not have any money to send it to you and I have got to the limit to believe the only way to solve all my problems is by killing my self, no other ways to help me.

if you can help my let me know, please do not ask for money as I do not have, I took personnel loan, 5 credit cards, I borrowed money from my friends.

if you know how to get rid of black magic that cause all my problems let me know , I will be very much appreciated

Seema said...

Salamualikum.. My Mother is effected from last 10 years..we went so many places some Big name scholars but vein...She has a terrible condition as she is listening Ruqya from last 2 years and unable to get up from bed sometime nor walk..Recent condition is she said somebody cut her legs and she is dragging hardly on the floor to go to the toilet..She has sooo terrible pain in her body something biting pinching inside her legs head shoulders neck back and stomach.. she has swollen feet. Her face looks changed.. Even she said her throat has thrones... I want to ask her that she is continously listening Quran and the pain increase day by day.. when she listen quran she has to lie on bed straight and she cant move then... if she move the Amal doesnt start but when she laydown straight the body start stretching and pain start.. plz help us to know until when she has to listen ruqya as day by day she becone weak amd pain doesnt decrease....

I am desperately waiting for your reply...

Plz make sometime and write me the answer. May Allah gives u jaza..