black magic symptoms sterility

As salamu allaiqum

Sterility of a man can be cured by means of ruqiah if it is associated with
the following symptoms: Anxiety and tightening of the heart; mental distraction; backaches; insomnia; nightmares.
As for women not only can a Jin prevent fertility but also they can cause a child premature (abortion) with the will of Allaah subhanah wa ta’aala.
Enchantment (sihru attakhyeel consists of bewitching one’s eyes)
1 – Motionless things seem to move
2 – See a tiny thing too big and vice versa
3 – One could see hallucinations that does not exist

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Anonymous said...

Aslaam alaykum

I am writing to you because I'm am very worried about my cousin who is suffering from very bad evil eye. Her name is shazia . She has been unwell for a couple of years but only recently her health has gone from bad to worse. I have been reading your website for a couple of days.i am hoping you could advice me what we can do for her. If you could help me. I would be very grateful if you could guide me to do something in order to help her. We are very worried about her. Thank you jazzak Allah khair.

shahid said...

Aslam ul Aliqaum

I read many times information about the black magic on your web site for the last 4 years.

Sir, my name is Shahid Hussain, age 44, MBA Marketing and doing my job in Engineering firm with good salary. I am married and i have two kids.

But I am suffering from the black magic for the last 30 years. You mentioned the symptoms of black magic on your web site, I have round about 40 symptoms.

Allah ap ke Akherat and duniya ki zindagi ko Khubsoort kary. Please help me, I am tired to search a person to remove these things.

I want to meet you.

sufyan said...

Assalam o alaikum how are you hope you are fine I read your blog on net so I thought I should contact you.
My name is sufyan
Im looking for job since long time almost going to 6 years I applied alot of time but haven't get any job one time I give money for Dubai job I got loss of one lack and 50 thousands just 1 week before I got a job as manager in store on the joining day we counting money when we are going to close store the money was ok but the next day the money was less 27 thousand so I left the job I got loss again that was story still im struggling for my sustenance first of all I don't get job if I get any job im having loss in that I don't know what to do.
Someone told me that im having black magic on my sustenance by someone im really confused I recited suras of Quran 41 days and were offering namaz to broke that but still im having troubles.I want to know that still im under the influence of magic or that magic is no more please guide me in this matter I ll be very thankful to you.I ll be waiting for your reply anxiously thanks.

Ali said...

Salam brother
My name is Ali .I am going through worst phase of life all most any thing I attempt it fails I am job less, I am so messed up in life that I don't even know how to express my problems to you
I was very impressed by your knowledge, bhai can you please guide me what actually my problems is that I am unable to earn lively hod, I will be thank full to you for this

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