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black magic symptoms sterility

As salamu allaiqum

Sterility of a man can be cured by means of ruqiah if it is associated with
the following symptoms: Anxiety and tightening of the heart; mental distraction; backaches; insomnia; nightmares.
As for women not only can a Jin prevent fertility but also they can cause a child premature (abortion) with the will of Allaah subhanah wa ta’aala.
Enchantment (sihru attakhyeel consists of bewitching one’s eyes)
1 – Motionless things seem to move
2 – See a tiny thing too big and vice versa
3 – One could see hallucinations that does not exist

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Anonymous said...

Aslaam alaykum

I am writing to you because I'm am very worried about my cousin who is suffering from very bad evil eye. Her name is shazia . She has been unwell for a couple of years but only recently her health has gone from bad to worse. I have been reading your website for a couple of days.i am hoping you could advice me what we can do for her. If you could help me. I would be very grateful if you could guide me to do something in order to help her. We are very worried about her. Thank you jazzak Allah khair.

shahid said...

Aslam ul Aliqaum

I read many times information about the black magic on your web site for the last 4 years.

Sir, my name is Shahid Hussain, age 44, MBA Marketing and doing my job in Engineering firm with good salary. I am married and i have two kids.

But I am suffering from the black magic for the last 30 years. You mentioned the symptoms of black magic on your web site, I have round about 40 symptoms.

Allah ap ke Akherat and duniya ki zindagi ko Khubsoort kary. Please help me, I am tired to search a person to remove these things.

I want to meet you.

sufyan said...

Assalam o alaikum how are you hope you are fine I read your blog on net so I thought I should contact you.
My name is sufyan
Im looking for job since long time almost going to 6 years I applied alot of time but haven't get any job one time I give money for Dubai job I got loss of one lack and 50 thousands just 1 week before I got a job as manager in store on the joining day we counting money when we are going to close store the money was ok but the next day the money was less 27 thousand so I left the job I got loss again that was story still im struggling for my sustenance first of all I don't get job if I get any job im having loss in that I don't know what to do.
Someone told me that im having black magic on my sustenance by someone im really confused I recited suras of Quran 41 days and were offering namaz to broke that but still im having troubles.I want to know that still im under the influence of magic or that magic is no more please guide me in this matter I ll be very thankful to you.I ll be waiting for your reply anxiously thanks.

Ali said...

Salam brother
My name is Ali .I am going through worst phase of life all most any thing I attempt it fails I am job less, I am so messed up in life that I don't even know how to express my problems to you
I was very impressed by your knowledge, bhai can you please guide me what actually my problems is that I am unable to earn lively hod, I will be thank full to you for this

asif said...

From past five years I am undergoing a serious trouble of several proposals coming to my door and not turning back. At the beginning of this whole period two proposals came and did return but we refused for some genuine reason. Therefore several came but except one or two no one returned. I told you my situation before and you suggested me to hear jalali mokelat recitation and I did that for straight 3 months. We stopped experiencing nightmares which we were before and a month back I got engaged. My relationship lasted for 2 months and thereafter the boy broke it saying that he didnt want to marry. Now that after it all broke, 3 proposals had come to my door but still no one returned. I have no problem at all that can cause others to refuse to turn to me. All those coming to my house to see,me highly appreciate me and until they leave, they keep one admiring me and showing full interest but as soon as they leave, they go forever. Please guide me am I still a victim of black magic? And what shall I do in this regard?

Ishsid said...

Assalamu Alaikum

I've been subjected to continuous black majick for the lat ten years. Can you please suggest a remedy for this ,as when ever we go to a alim and break the majic its cast again.


Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum

Please can you help me I have been having major problems in my life for a while the problems started when I got married in 2006 I was blackmailed into a marriage that I wasn't happy with in Pakistan by my family. My marriage broke down even though I tried to make it work just the sake of respect of my family and more blackmail, but life was miserable my husband made my life hell.

The point is when we separated about 7 years ago I had a dream of big fat rattle snake it had yellow eyes it was hissing and staring right into my eyes but did not cause me any harm. The current problems are that over the years my memory has become really bad I feel heaviness in the head like its blocked, headaches, but the other problem is that not only I suffer from this, but my child does too and she is quite young only 7 years old she gets angry and irritated I feel like it has been passed on to her as well. I also suffer from anxiety, get irritated easily, laziness, feel tired, dizzy with no reason, even while reading namaz I feel drowsy, I eat when I'm not hunger, sometimes my body feels cold but sometime its so hot. Not only this I can't speak properly I never use to have these problems as in when I talk to people I stutter as if something is stuck in my throat, also I get emotionally upset and start crying very easily.

What is scary is 4 months back I was listening to ruqyah and this was my 3rd time listening to it without a reason I started bleeding from my nose and I had pain in the head. Went to the doctors got every check-up for every symptom everything normal. I feel embarrassed and lack in confidence because of these issues. People avoid me that once knew me, cared for me, but hate me without a reason and the family blame me for the marriage breaking down. I know this life is a test I have complete faith in my Allah and always pray and ask for help out of this situation as its affecting me badly even when I go for a job interview. Also I believe all my family is affected but they do not read namaz or pray at all many be on eid that's all but I'm scared of 1 of my family member his anger takes over him once he slapped me through anger on my face while back and I'm scared he might do it again as he has no control over him but he never says any thing to his wife but just to me and his own parents.

Please could you help me as I am desperately in need of your advice.

May Allah bless you.

sami said...


I am facing problem of Black magic.

How do I know that I am affected ?
Ans.: I am looking snakes in my dreams
I am looking shit in my dreams
I am looking some unusual people in my dreams
My life Is become hell since 4 years or more I can say
sometimes I am doing some unusual things destroying my thing I am thinking because of that I am getting irritation or panic

Please as soon as possible reply me

I need help sometime I can not able to breath properly I done my test all are ok. People hating me or usually fighting If I am trying to do Namaz then I can not able to do too much barriers hindrance.

Anonymous said...

I am always very sick and so is everybody in my family.

Everything is blocked for years and years.

Keep having dangerous accidents one after another.

My relatives who are my enemies are constantly doing black magic and so many people who tried helping have left after half way.

These religious people who were maulvee, priest, pandit, guru, spiritual healer could not help or protect us much.

After being so qualified we are rejected at every job, even when by mistake job is given, we are thrown out of job.

So much time has gone, no income, even not 10 paisa income, worked so so much and go begging to places for job, no luck.

Everything including health is tied up by enemy.

He will not stop attacking till i am dead..

He wants me dead, he has almost finished me..

From head to toe i had all broken bones.

Many many problems but no help.

I started painting, tried selling that, since our situation very bad, no money.

We are jusr breathing, not living like others normal life.

Could you please guide or suggest what to do?

Thankyou very much.

God bless

Zubair said...

Asa, My sister named above is struggling with obsessive disorder (OCD) - a mental disease started more than a year ago. She spend hours in washroom sitting on the flush. She is taking medicine but problem is getting verse day by day. We took her to three doctors but problem has not resolved.

Can you please check and let us know what's the problem?

Jazak Allah


Sara said...

Asalam ailaikum,

My name is Sara, I live in canada. Me and my husband have been married for 8 months now. I came across your article “symptoms of black magic induced impotence” while making some research.

Everything was normal in our relation until the last two months. He is suddenly unable to get an erection and we find that very strange that this happened to him all of a sudden. I am very concerned for him. He is very depressed that this happens to him.

We went to see a mullah who deals with these issues and he said whoever did magic on you lives in Canada and gave him a taweez but that only works on and off.

What can you suggest us to do in this kind of situation.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi it’s do with my health im skinny and not gaining weight I think to do with my mental health. I have been told previously that I have evil eye and maybe jinn through Ruqiya. I only want Sunnah ways of things not any other way.

I have negative thoughts all the time about people, I’ve always been skinny, I’m 33 and not married and don’t want to get married without any good reason.

I always stay in my room if I’m not working I have fear of things my heart beats fast I have suffered from depression for over 15 years.

I just want to pray and live peaceful life but unfortunately something is stopping me

As much I want to pray I don’t. I’m not a good daughter as I don’t spend time with my mother. I feel I’m a bad person I don’t know what to do if I could read I would but the force is so strong there’s too much blockages in my life and I don’t understand why. It’s a shame as Allah wouldn’t us to be sad or depressed but because I’ve been suffering for years It’s become a habit. I want to become a better person. I want to have Allah’s rehmat and barakat in what I do. I don’t want to die a sinner I want to be a good Muslimah a good daughter a good person but feel I’m being deprived of all things of something I have no knowledge of.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve had Ruqiya done on me I’ve had Hijamah performed on me I’ve tried praying I’ve tried being good but nothing helps.