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symptoms for black magic

As salamu allaiqum 

1. Causeless anxiety, depression;
2. Chronic fatigue, lack of zest for life;
3. Nightmares, restless sleep, insomnia;
4. Fatigue, drowsiness;
5. Fear of loud, sharp sounds;
6. Unfounded, enduring sense of fear;
7. Obsessive thoughts, suicidal;
8. Loss of interest in life, a sharp change in priorities and interests;
9. Inability to diagnose new diseases;
10. Extreme changes in body temperature, the patient throws it in the hot and cold;
11. Feeling of impending death;
12. Loss of fortune;
13. Potency problems;
14. Lack of interest in the work;
15. Heavy bleeding that is difficult to stop;
16. Frequent fainting;
17. Discomfort in the temple;
18. Home spoils holy water brought from the church;
19. Tainted closed in itself;
20. Fear of loneliness, the feeling of being near someone invisible;
21. The loss of gold items;
22. On the body are broken gold chains;
23. Frequent breakdown of household appliances;
24. Craving for alcohol, which over time increases;
25. Illness or death of farm animals, indoor plants;
26. Invasion of the home of cockroaches, flies, mice, and so on.;
27. Someone else’s cat, always sitting on your doorstep;
28. Increased aggression street dogs.
29. Exhaustion and tired
30. Forgetfulness
31. Confusion , not being able to think straight
32. sleeping disorder
33. Obsessive compulsive Disorder, is another known symptom
34. Unexplained sharp and short abdominal pain and also pain in other parts of the body
35. anger and aggressiveness behaviour for no apparent reason
36. Difficulty breathing
37. Blurry vision
38. Hair loss
39. Weepiness and feelings of despair
40. Loss of strength
41. Ears popping and blocking
42. Loss of co-ordination and balance
43. rational behaviour
44. depression

remember me in your prayers
amel soname


raj said...

Sir,our family is a victim of an envious relative who has relation with a jadugar to make films against us constantly.They have made our eyesight weak,nose problems,ear problems,baldness,memory loss and every and each symptom given in yours blog.I humbly request you to tell the solution to get rid of all these symptoms,hazards and the jadugar.

Shakeel said...

actually what happened few years back was while I went to sleep and was half sleep two women who were my sister in laws appeared as electric energy and started pulling down in a bag, while I was half pulled in the bag I resisted and woke up and they disappeared.

This happened when I was angry after my son died a day before his birth and my in laws felt that he will divorce our sister. But my sister said when you got married, we found few signs indicating that your first baby will not survive or people around are not happy with this marriage.

Although I have been very lucky person my entire life but after this incident whatever I wanted to do I faced road blocks and I felt that there is some force thats not allowing me to do anything that separates me from my wife.

I dont remember if I had suffered from any of the above symptoms, however, I been lazy and lacked energy and excitement and purpose in life. Although I had several dreams guiding me towards a positive direction and achieve my life long goals of serving humanity but somehow I am unable materialize and feel less energetic to achieve it.

I had struggled in my life and helped many people to achieve their dreams but I am unable attain mine.

Although I remained non believer of such Jadu and Nazars but wanted to know if there is something such kind and it impacts life as I am tired of continuous and not getting results at all.

I am getting older and worried about my kids and their future and would like to seek your support to find out whats wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,

I'm very much in need to your help.

My mother in law and my co-sister have done black magic on my husband in such a way that my husband treats me like an enemy.
I will not be able to perform the method given by you in Google as my husband always keeps an eye on me.He wants to know each and every thing i do.
My mother in law and my co-sister have done complete Vashikaran on my husband.
My husband spends money on them like water,and he never bother even if I'm dying.
Please let me know if can perform this method on behalf of me,I'm ready to pay you.
Kindly help me out. a request......
Waiting for your response.

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to request for an istakhara, concerning my ill health, why is my body malfunctioning..
and also a separate istakhara, for marriage. how can i improve my chances by attracting my soul mate

raman said...

hello sir ..i am staying in delhi ..i m suffering from black magic since last 10 yrs ..i need ur help its very urgent ...plz can u gv me ur contact number ..ithing i m in 3 stage of black magic ...plz help me ...

naveed said...

Salaam amel,
Can you tell me if I have had black magic done to me and how to remove
I woukd be very grateful as I am suffering

mursal said...

Asallam alaikum brother

MY name is mursal I am 24 years old
we are very sad bcz i dont have any Rishta, when ever my mom ask any astrologer they say that its bandish and jadu,
and for the removing of the bandish they need money :(

bcz of saddness my dad lost his one eye and mom is also very ill,
I dont have any brother :(
I pray every wazifa but i dont get any result, dont know what to do, I need ur help

Masood said...

First of all i want to say shukriya to u from my heart for giving good information about the things which i idon't know. I want to tell u about my problem which i am facing everyday. i am working in Oman my name is Masood . i am working in paint company as a store keeper in my company one guy is working as a office boy he is also Muslim since last 6 yrs he is working with me before we were good friends.he wanted to get my job he is planned to kick me frm here he used to say when u will go when u will go bcoz i want to do this job and in the office also no one will say anything to him even if he is coming daily late 1 hr.last year in the same days i got pain in my head and some other sever problems i got so o went to india and i told in the company i will not come back after they transferred that person in my place after 1 month again i came back and joined my work after 2 months i was cleaning my room so i moved my cupboard under that i got red colour taavis knoted with red thread and attar smell also coming i took that and i kept in some other place i dont kow what to do since tht day iam not talking with that person and my home all ladies no one is there to enquire so after 2 months i put that taavis in one bottle and filled with the water 3 days before only i put in the water actually i dont know how to explain u now he is in full plan to kick me sir iam fearing may be he will do any jaadu please please help me iam helpless no one is there to help luckly waiting v.eagerly for u r valuable reply

Seemie said...


Hi. I wanted to ask you a question about magic. I was told by a person I know who has visions of the future, that someone did magic on me. At that time I was traveling to see a friend, and I was already sick that morning. I had like a weird nausea for no reason. Then he said just tell yourself its not real, and he was going to deflect it. Like remove the energy out of it.
It got worse that night, had extreme fatigue, was very cold. slept a lot.
My friend who I went to see was a man I met, and we were falling for each other. He had a girl friend that he had tried to leave a year before but ended going back to her in a week. I was told she has done magic on him from the begining to get him. 6 or 7 years ago.
So he wanted to let her down easy, and come visit me, and plan to leave. After I left he was beaten up by 11 guys.
for no reason.
This girl is christian. He and I are muslim.
Anyway, after that he got more distant and ended up engaged to her. in those photos he looked miserable.
And this time I went to see him he was like in a trance. not like he was before at all.
I hired private investigator to find out who beat him up and found out that that file was closed and they said people were deported .
Anyway, the PI also said that she had me followed everywhere I went. She also had everyone at the bar giving her information.
And she was friends with the bar owner who used to hate her before.
Also, when I came back, I had nightmares, was negative feeling, had stomach problems, and backpain.
recently I paid a guy money who reverses it Islamically. He takes 41 days and I pray ayat 68-69 101 times, blow over water, and drink atleast two liters. and spray it in the house.
The second night I heard noises that woke me up, So I sprayed the water and it stopped.
My back pain went away after two days. And last night I finally slept through the night.
I told my friend who I tried to help everything including giving him the reports and conversations. etc. And he just blocked me from facebook. and never replied to me.
He could have at least said something.
He is probably scared of police. even though he did nothing and is mad I invaded his privacy and may have stirred trouble, but all I meant to do was find out info and warn him so he can be safe.
So now I lost him and our other friends. And he is going to marry this controlling woman, who forced him to get engaged to her, she contacted his family to make him do that. and she forced him to buy into a flat with her. so he is working like a slave. and she wanted a ring, so he got one and she forced him to get a bigger one, and he killed himself to get that.
So he is always sick, even since I met him first, has stomach ulcers. sinus infections, headaches. all the time.
She has been known to sleep around on him.
He is much better looking than she is. and she just thinks he is her property.
Anyway, I am wondering how to make sure there was indeed magic, and if it goes away.
Because at this point I have helped him out so much, and lost him and just have been in danger, lost a lot of money and suffered a lot.

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaykom I'm buckus from south africa I just wanted to know if you can tell me if I'm a victim of jadoo or bad nazar or bad luck and if so how can I cure it

Anonymous said...

Salam sir am facing black magic efect about a year.and tried many amel
but fail to recover so i decided let it life now becme very
sad,am nt able to get mey goal.u can help me?

kashif said...


Sir i need your time as i am suffering in office, at home and every where in this world.i am in problem if i try to do work in office and home.

i have all symptoms of black magic. every one can easily know what i am thinking and not safe at all.

contact number required.

Anonymous said...

Aslam o alikum brother i read ur blogs quit often i really like them because you are so open about these thing reason about emailing you i need help as i am in deep trouble. Im in England for last 7 years my father and mother passed away and also i don't have brother and sisters when i came here and start working and making money i never thought that i should save for rainy day i got married in 2010 after marriage ibring my wife in England after that day by day my financial position getting worse now i have 2 kids as well and position is my visa has been refused and case is in court and i owed £50,000 to different people and banks can't see any way how can i repay that amount .
After that all i start thinking that how can i earn or make money in short period so i think of lottery
Now could you plz tell me that is there any chance or any way that we can ask jin them possible numbers
If yes plz help me out i cant see any way
My Allah knows if it is possible both of us will be living happily ever after

sameer said...

Dear Amel ...

Salaam Alaikum

I need your help ...

if you live in UAE ... let me know just have some Sickness problem if you can help ...

have Any Surah For Sickness ...

help please

thanks lots godbless

Mushtaq said...

Aslam o ulkum honourale and reaspect
i am here in Bahrain kingdom last two year but in two years i try my best but i can not get any good job. nothing earn in two years i also gave money for visa a Arabic person.he did not me give visa or not return money.i do all possible dua namaz waziaf and contact famous peer ,but nothing happen day by increase my problem.
i am also related spiritual field and link to baba g.i have good relationship with him with passage he promising he solve all my problem. i do everything for him but he did not do anything for he giv propriety to rich people
i have not enough money so with the passage of time finish my importance , some people who have a wealth and money take place of me. i became dis heart and decide to go other country for earning money or lively hood. when i take permission he told me not to go other country u will not adjust there. but i have decided to go because my family teasing me u do lot of ur baba g but he do nothing. u waste ur time and money. even can not get marriage my age now 37 years
before i try my best to get marriage but not possible, i much worry about my future i have a job but leave in this month i have not job. i read lot of dua waziaf read quran pak noth nothing happen not solve my any is all my story.
but i strange thing i want to told u that in my left arm on wrist {kalayi } make a image of a sufi look a lal shahbaz qalandar or sarkar ghous pak Abdul qadar jillani sitting in prayer poition. i am total fail in worldly matter. or to make good setup
if u help me or do something i am thankful to you for this favour. with best wishes and regards Mushtaq

sujatha said...

I feel like I am a victim of _____. I want your help as fast as possible. I am physically handicapped girl.....How can I talk with you.

kamrul said...

salam brother i am kamrul
i am suffering from 2002 until 2014 . i do not know why .but i cant remove my problem any way . dua for mi please . i am suffering a lot and i cant find any way to remove my bad luck . please help to remove my all problems

IMTIAZ said...






athar said...

Dear Amel Soname,

We married since, 1997, we are problem in black magic, during sleep my wife seen bathroom, and some one intercourse with her.

please give solutions if possible

Hakan said...


My name is Hakan Seckin. I am not sure if there is a black magic on me or not but how to find out about it if there is one? Would you help me please?

Thank you