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starting black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
If anyone wants to know starting black magic symptoms I am writing here
Below are the signs of starting black magic
1 anger increase
2 hate your self
3 Become lazy and made
4 sicknesses
5 stop offering prayer some time hates prayer
6 don’t like to do work
7 hopeless
8 feeling die or soon you will die
9 headaches
10 face colour change to  black , red or yellow
Remember me in your prayer
Amel soname


Anonymous said...

I need serious help as my matter is very bad at the moment

Someone has done serious black magic on me and the man who I love
He had approached me with intention of marriage
He is a Hindu but not a practicing one
He was very impressed by my intelligence and capabilities and wanted to business partnership with me
Not only that he was also interested in marrying me and was almost ready for everything

I was in very bad times but he supported me through out even though he faced many problems himself while helping me but he stood strong by my side

Actually he is already married n has twins he is married with a woman who is 10-20 yrs elder to him she could not have children but they did some artificial treatment
Now I dint know that this woman was doing magic from the start until I have been seeing all dreams and also contacted many aalims
But all run away as they don't want problem for themselves

This woman has done black magic with snakes n terrible things n she has made him her servant n has made me very ill
I am in a terrible shape as now my work health n love everything is taken away from me
I was bringing him to the right path
N she ruined me many aalims said that I would get killed by I survived by the grace of Allah

Please I request n beg you to help me
My matter is extremely serious I need some strong person to solve it as I want him to know that this woman has been doing black magic since the start to even get married to him n toll today
Now I am like a beggar for everything he hates me n I hate him when we talk n meet
This magic is killing me n destroying everything for me

Please give me ur number to talk to u
I want him back
Become a Muslim
Want him to make me his business partner n life partner

But first I want him to know the truth and hate this dangerous woman n all behind this n u want him to stand up for me n be on my side

I am worried as they r going to India in 4 days n then she will do worst to separate us and ruin my life

Please reply ASAP

Waiting for your reply

Adnan said...


Dear Amel saahib

I am Adnan from Rawalpindi. I am surrounded by continues troubles and problems since 2005. The bad luck is not leaving me any way pls help me , im just about to finish , prior to this i just once beg a help from you pls help me.

muzafer said...

Asalam brother, somebody has done black magic on my wife as I have been told by a renowned shaykh, is there any chance you can find out who the person is, wallah I have no intention of causing trouble just want to know so I no who to stay away from Jazakallah

Kamela said...

Hello I was wondering if you can help me I live in Brisbane Australia and
believe that someone has cursed my brother his being forced to love someone
no matter what what she says . Can you please help me it would mean the
world . Please help


noman said...


Dear ,

I want to request you that my parents are very tense situation about their losses of business and unmarried children two brother and one sister. Brothers are above 40 years of age and sister is near to 40 year of age. Our father money goes to wrong hands due to jadoo and these people not giving my father
Money and our house is pledge on bank loan. Some people and spiritualist tell us that kala jadoo done by some of your relatives.
Please help us for recovering that turmoil situation.


Anonymous said...

Hi ,First of all i have to Thank you , jazaki Allah kayran for all your valuable information on internet , you are one of the rare Muslim person i found in internet talking as rationally as possible and giving as mush information as possible about this parallel word /entities subject .

Secondly am asking you please do not close the door on me .

Please give me information , I need to understand , am EXHAUSTED , I know that people are suffering much too , anyway , thank you in advance for any information,

Am attacked and blocking hasad eye and a since i exposed my tan as a sorcerer its just the hell on earth i really cannot understand how can a person have so much evil power on her and how much it can affect our dimension Unfortunately my tant is a very bad powerful person and have sorcerer or 2 who just don't leave me alone trying sometime to call me from hidden numbers even if i change my phone number they find it , my family is suffering too much too, for years , we have been trying , (unfortunately) every single treatment , really , thanks to Allah am still alive and able to think and tape on this key Bord , i know am surrounded by malak but the attacker are so much ,

Am confused I don't know if it will be a good or bad thing to be involved in spirituality am doing much of dhikr as it is the only thing am doing since a year which preserving me from yelling outside without clothes and keep going until dying , no rukia or strog rouhani could help and the worst is that they just keep secrets about my case , or may be dont want to admit they are weaker than my enemies or may be they just don't know whats happening and why their treatment is helpless.

At the same time I can see the light and restart being optimistic saying that am certainly going to become a good strong enlightened person , but the struggle is hard no job no frends no happiness it-is -hard thanks to Allah always
and believe me sister amel my enemies attack are truly perfectly done and well planified and structured and studied by my , that I do not know how can I continue to survive especially without a guide .

So please give a young man seeing his years passing in front of his eyes since 2004 am 28 now and its just horful what am living as i really had great plan for me and Muslim and people aroud the world,but still nothing and time keep moving .

am burned am lost and am so optimistic at the same time that am not giving up.,

Am some times focusing in light and love trying to forgive to my enemies hoping they change or at least cant reach me , but quickly i change as i have to protect myself against the attack so hurting , bloody , hallucinations , sounds bad feeling, beating, heat , blood , anger stress 24/24:7/7 .so i start to focus on killing all entities who dare attack me , but still failing doing that too, am desperate .la ileha illa Allah

Anonymous said...

In my country we rarely hear about people who can connect highly with Allah, and manipulate energy unless bad sorcerer or devil mushrik.
so please tell me if am doing and thinking wrong or true
I don't think am special but I know am a very complicated person and this is may be interacting with my healing process as every remedies look like working for some people having nearly the same symptoms than me but with me it's just not working its like its something below the level or something definitely apart blocking, am may be wrong , It's just that I have too much tried and its a kind of something really blocking my attempts many , many long and short and medium different attempts,lol , I don't know what would happen to me when I will be released from this , but I kind of understand that it is jut mandatory to have a mentor or a spiritual guide I just did not find , for many reasons , first one I gave 100 per cent trust so hardly i suffer certainly from waswas too and a jinn ichk in my body, i can not remember or even understand my dreams , and as physical a human being too i make mistakes too much .

i met Sufi who accepted to initiate me but they said i have to do blindly in the beginning as they say , "do as you told without asking much" and when you're hurt call on the chikh , already dead physically , but i just cannot do that in another hand, i tried to ask some rouhani but they are mainly sorcerers who communicate with devil d jinn "negative and or astral entities" and those one "entities generally trick them to come to them only by worship and prayers and at the end they manipulate for them their own energy and intention , and it's very risky for my little Islamic remaining faith to call on and worship something invisible at first and other than The one supreme God who created every thing but am a bad sinner.

I really want to know if you or a person you know can manipulate concretely energy with the hands without the risky help of any negative entity and chayatin..and would give me a training exercise program. ,

by saying manipulate concretely energy i mean something which can be perceived from our weak eyes ,like telekinesis or only dealing with natural energy pure energy and then i may be defend myself against my enemies. I would be really grateful if you would help or tell me the name of a book or a person or where can i find her/him some one really connected to Allah and the universe with understanding of some of its secrets some one truly Muslim and kind. tried and still do become a soul pure , religious person, do meditation , tried ones astral travel, lucid dreaming , channeling but failed , even in the past i tried magic , positive thinking , focusing in angel , or my angel guide, asked others for helps rukia rouhani chik ...some tried but failed some betrayed me and made my case worst many lied to me and hide from me things concerning me ..... .

As am searching concretely since years with as objectivity as i can have from different source of information.

Anonymous said...

I just need this kind of person, I certainly would be able to travel to the moon to search for him/her, because am tired searching and exercising by myself it hard and complicated and am may be doing every thing wrong and as in Islam we have to take knowledge from a person who had gotten from God knowledge and mercy am trying to find it unsuccessfully and being in a country which just get out of a revolution and having many life difficulties its harder .

if you can understand a little bit what I tried to say with my third bad English language , give me tips , things that worked for you .

Again I would be really grateful if you would help.

Thank you much , sorry for my English .


rashid said...

sir currently i am playing a cricket tournament but unfortunately loosed the first match the reason is that boys r not finishing will .........
On coming Sunday and onwards i have a lot of matches to play kindly tell me or do something for me to grab against the other team
thanks a lot for your corporation

Anonymous said...

as salam o allaikom,, I am a 26 year old man and I really believe that something along the lines of sihr, black magic perhaps voodoo is done on me,, basically I used to know this guy when I lived in Montreal he's from Iraq but him and his friends really seem to have a vendetta against me they ,, they really did a lot of bad things to me and made me panic when I read surat al baqarah things became better only temporarily,, they made me have a lot of sexual issues now when I ejaculate I feel nothing no pleasure and there is no feeling down there and I feel really depressed about it, I can't get chills in my spine it happens in my head area unlike before and I feel a lot of pressure and things moving in my head area constantly and always numbness and tingly feeling in my body, he non directly sort of admit it to me and wanted me to go back to Canada to plot something really big for someone,,, I don't know they're trying to play god or something,,, now I pray and fast rahmadon unlike before and I don't want to hurt anyone even after what they did to me I just want to feel normal in that aspect ,, please can you help me with this huge problem I will be forever grateful,, may Allah be with you..

shahab said...

Asalamu Alaikum,

Hope you are in good health. Since you are an aamil are you able to stop people who are doing magic. I know these people in our area who are causing a lot of trouble and was wandering if I could send you the pictures so that you can clearly see who they are and with your Ilm stop them from destroying families. May Allah reward you for doing this work and let me know if you are able to do it.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir

1. I am out of job from the last 5 years and literally facing too much financial problems, as a result my house is gone to dogs.

2. Unnecessarily there are many differences between me and my wife for no reason and we are sleeping separately.

3. All my children are uncontrolled and stubborn.

Hence please tell me what is the actual problem and also send me s good taweez. Right now I have no money to pay for your services.

I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

sufia said...

Sir, i want to consult you on phone so please reply me with ur contact number.

Anonymous said...


Amel Saab, I have seen your website on the internet and seek your help and advise on a very sensitive family matter.

In Late August early September of 2012 my and my family including my parents, brother and sister traveled to Pakistan for my brothers wedding to my Khala's daughter.

As soon the as the ceremonies were about to start my Khala and Khaloo's attitude towards us started to change in a negative way, and this was seen in their children as well, which was very disheartening, after the wedding my parents stayed in Pakistan with their new daughter-in law until her visa was given, they had to stay there for over a year, they came back to England.

They came back in September 2013, since they have come back my father has had a mini stroke and has also fallen outside and blanked out, he was in hospital for three days, my mother has also had a problem with her hand she cannot move it properly, my husband had a very dangerous fall but thanks to Allah nothing happened to him, my three sons suffer from asthma and they have had very bad asthma attacks and I myself have recently had a miscarriage.

My brother does not look like the person he was, he has become very moody and speaks very rudely to my parents and sometimes to me as well in front of his wife. His wife's attitude towards my mother is very bad, she ignores her and only speaks to her in front of the other family members, she does the same to me sometimes because she now knows i have come to know what she is doing. In the last week the atmosphere in my parents house has become very tense.

She is in regular contact with her parents, she is on skype with them, they never call my parents who are older than them, she only speaks to them and does'nt bother to get them to talk to anyone else at home.

I feel she has come here to make money and bring her other brothers and sisters to the UK, I think her parents are misguiding her and are helping her to do some kind of bad amal. I have one Mamoo and one Khala here whom they phone regularly but do not phone my parents, they are ignoring them and treating them like they don't exist.

I think she should go back to Pakistan for a few months so she realises how lucky she is and regret her behavior, and her family should take a lesson from this and stop.

Please can you advise me.

rafiq said...

Assalama Amel sahib,

I am desperately writing you as our whole family members are really in great trouble which are all affected by the black magic.We do regularly offer namaaz every time but still this problem is hunting a lot for us...

I will explain you step by step the history of the family who are suffering as follows:----

1. My father who is healthy man had been paralyzed and he is completely on the bed now.
2.My Mother is really sick all the time..
3.My elder brother who stays with my mother and father is always grumpy and shows great anger on my father and mother.
4.My elder sister who also reside in the next portion is very very sick with all her joint pains and also she was unable to walk and do her work completely...(and her son was also sitting idle in house with no job after a great study).
5.Even me and my wife are getting bad dreams in the night and are able to concentrate on any work.

Above all we came to know that one my in-law in our house is doing Kala jaadu(black magic) at one Hindu priest for the sake of property it seems.

Please do kindly help us how to over come from this hard situation as we are all desperate..

May Allah grant success and show us the right path and success in all aspects....

Farooq said...

Dear Sir, Assalaamu Alaikum,

I am a victim of black magic and evil eye please help for the sake of Allah.


Arun said...


I got your site from one of the online site regarding relive from black magic.I am feeling that i and my family is victim any of the kind of this black magic. Upto last year i had a car and good job near to home. but last December i changed my job and my sold my car. I saved that money to buy new car at new location. but that money has not used in saving and to buy a new car. My father conditions is also not good in health, some problem is coming and going day by day, now they are feeling depressed. His one of the nail in left foot was turned black and now its removed. For me also in the age of 29 facing problems in health. Even in office i am giving good result but when time comes for promotion or any appraise then that will go to another person who dont know that things. Even i got chance to go abroad then at last step they canceled me and select any other. Recently for one country i got selected to go for project but when i went for visa processing, they said your passport is damaged because there are spots of oil on all of my passport's pages.

Please help us to get relieved from this. If you require any information kindly let me know.

Anonymous said...

please help me I am looking for a job or business or anything from last 8 years but nothing is happening and no one is here to help me please please please do something or tell me what to do I am married and have one child but there is no source of income. tell me something to read or some sadka.. I used to give money to needy people if I were having any.used to offer prayer. tried for going abroad many times but no result.tried for job but no posting.tried for business but failed.

shahnawaz said...

Assalam alaiqum...

My self mohd shahnawaz .since two months i am struggling for job..but i am not getting job...i had faced more than 10 interviews in 2 months but not selected...since 18 months i was working with impact marketing As a product specialist my job is to sell coffee machine..first 16 months i had rocked in my company...i was no.1 Salesman..but in the month of Dec. And Jan...i have not sold a single machine..due to this i have been removed from my the month of grandfather was expired after problems started in my life...
Please kindly do the needful..

faraz said...

Assalam Alaikum brother..
I am Faraz,31 yr old from India...My problems began 5 yrs ago.I was involved with a girl of other religion,whose parents came to know of our affair and were very angry on the issue,and they upped the effort to marry her off.The girl said to me to somehow do something so that she doesn't gets married off.In my city there is a Aamil who is in the bussiness since many years,and whoever gives him the money of his choice he somehow gets their work done.
I went to him and told her that the issue is so and so.He said that in money he will do the work.I paid him,and the girl's marriage talks never got materialized anywhere.In the meantime he called me and said that the girl's family has done some black magic on me,a powerful one,and it has to be treated.Allah only knows,how i believed in him.i said that what can be done now.he said that bring me a pair of pigeons,male n female,which are totally white,and whose eyes,nails are either red or black,of nay one colour.he was so zealous in his aim,that the Aaamil who has never been known to move from his place of sitting from 10 a.m to 5 P.m went with me to the local bird market to help me buy.I went with him and brought it,and after some days,brought him 5-6 more pairs for the "purpose".In between this time i noticed that there was a family i knew,who were quite well of,and they were also coming regularly to that Aamil.on inquiring,i was told that a boy of the family,of aroung 20-23 yrs old,was very ill by any disease or black magic,and that's why they are coming to the Aamil,they also told me that they have very thick terms with the Aamil.After two three days,when i was in my house,i felt that as if something has entered my body from just below my chest.I felt it,surely,as DHAKK... I never realized that my hard times have health deteriorated,my sexual power got finished,my memory became weak,i lost my job,slowly my friends began to desert me,those who i thought were my confidential,began to do evil things with me behind my back,my status in my intended family fell down...even my girlfriend developed a liking for another boy(she later got married)strange things started happening,once i saw a frightening black figure in my house when i was alone in a Ramadan morning,(for the first time i saw something supernatural).....i got severely frightened....when i complained to that Aamil that what have u done,he appeared disinterested in answering me anything,i left in a huff....then began the process of running from one aamil to another aamil,obviously to no benefit....after sometime i went to Deoband to an Aamil,he told me that pigs have been sacrificed infront of Kaali idol,that black magic has been inflicted on u.....later some peoples who knew of these things told me that these powerful magics are hard to finish,but easy to transfer on someone else,and got to know that as my hard time started,that boy got well completely....from 2009 to 2014,i have not got any respite,i have seen everything getting finished in these five has been ruined....only one Aamil was close to treat it,but i backed out..He was an Aamil and gave me taveez(written in paper) to burn with kafoor adjacent to the walls of every room...after burning it for two days,a severe pain started in my stomach,which was unbearable for me,i took medicines,but nothing worked...i removed the taveez that the Aamil gave me from the house,in half an hour,the pain vanished,and when i brought it back,it again started...i gave up,i went and threw all the thing that the Aamil had given me in a dry well..

Anonymous said...

asalam u alikum
mai pakistan mai rehta hu, mai pichly bht saal se bemar hu, meri age 23 years hai mane 2005 mai quran hifaz kia tha or us k bad se mai bemar rehny lg gya hu, meri knees pain kerti hai backbone had se ziada drd kerti hai or meri chest mai bht ziada pain hoti hai jesy oxygen kam aa rha hota hai, saans zroorat se kam aa rha hai jesy mjhe or mera head jo hai sun ho jata hai kbhi kbhi right side se or meri puri body pain kerti rehti hai or kidneys ki side per b pain hoti rehti hai, mery sb medical tests normal atay hai lekin phir b mai sonetimes medicines ly lyta hu or medicine mjh per 5 ya phir 6 din bad asar nhe kerti koi b, lekin jb mai surah bakra perhta hu ya manzil perhta hu to temporary skoon hota hai kch, shoulders bht pain kerty hai her wkat, mai tang agya hu treatment kerwa kerwa k lekin kahi se b aram nhe ata, maximum mjhe aram ata hai to one week k liye ata hai bs, ab mai lyta rehta hu pura din room mai or mjhe sotay huy ehtlam hota rehta hai khwab mai us orat se jaan churwata hu mai lekin jo b orat ati khwab mai wo even mery sath 4,5 mrtba kerny k bad b mjhe nhe chorti phir meri ankh khul jati hai, mai bht majboor hu behn or bhaiyo mai bht intelligent tha mane 11 months mai quran hifaz kia tha, ab mai 5 years se just lyta rehta hu mjh mai itni himat nhe hai ziada dyr beth sku mai, meri condition b itni gandi ho jati hai k koi mery pas nhe bethna chahta,, daily mjhe 5 se 7 martba ehtlam hota hai mjhe zra b kch feel nhe hota ejaculate hoty wkat, or mery kapro se smell ati hai, mjhe bht dukh hota hai,apni is halat per koi ALLAH ka bnda meri help ker do apko hmesha zindgi bhar dua duga mai. mera mind ab is traf jata hai k mai suicide ker lu mjhse ab aisy nhe rha jata, please ager ap mai se kisi ka masla thik hua hai kahi se mjhe bta dyn ap please brothers and sisters mai apka ehsan hmesha yad rkhuga or dua duga hmesha apko

MD.Shamsad Ahmed said...

Please,,,read quran more and more like sura bakara...and pray salat 5 times...insallah all problem must be solved...