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black magic symptoms in hinduism

  1. Continuous illness. All treatments fail.
  2. Constant worries, suicidal tendencies, or a desire to move away from home and family.
  3. Continuous illness of any member of the family.
  4. Too much weakness associated with obesity and being short tempered.
  5. Sterility, without any physical deficiency or without any medical reason.
  6. Repeated miscarriages or death of children.
  7. Sudden unnatural deaths in the family.
  8. Problems in the construction of a house, factory or any other building.
  9. Shortness of money, in spite of hard labour.
  10. No desire to live. Feels suffocated. Life seems useless. No desire to rise in life.
  11. Sudden quarrels between brothers or other members of the family, without any reason.
  12. Achievement of objectives seems impossible.
  13. Loss in the business of property.
  14. Ill-health and under-development of children.
  15. Loss of peace due to the fear of enemies and their evil designs.
  16. Discord between spouses or the family.
  17. Greatest efforts resulting in a failure.
  18. Lack of Govt. favours, promotions and the desired transfers.
  19. Poverty, in spite of hard work.
  20. Startling in sleep or while awake.
  21.  Sleep disturbance.
  22.  Anhedonia.
  23.  Raccoon eyes.
  24.  Irritation without any reason.
  25.  Financial problems.
  26.  Forgetfulness.
  27.  Dreams of snakes or dirty places.
  28.  Dreaming of falling from heights.
  29. you cannot offer puja or mantara
Generally, the things which happen with a black magic victim can happen with an average person also; therefore, it is hard to find whether a person is a victim or not. As most of the people do not believe in black magic, it is hard to detect it at an early stage. Black magic does not directly harm the victim, but it creates problems and enemies in the victim’s life, which will harm him/her.

The victim might often fall sick, unnecessary irritation, fighting with everybody, lack of attention in school, illness does not get cured with medicines, might develop bad habits like watching porns, smoking, and even drinking alcohol.

Misunderstandings with friends and relatives, women will get attracted towards the victim and their husbands or other close people will become enemies of the victim, breakups in love, everybody around you will be treacherous, victim might get involved in extramarital affairs, start drinking excessive alcohol, excessive smoking, or other form of abuse, loss of employment, severe financial problems, suicidal ideations, illnesses like kidney stones, hypothyroidism, depression, etc.

Different illnesses like diabetes, heart or kidney disorders, or others, irritation, fights with family members and others.
Dark magic is at its peak on Full-moon and No-moon days (Pournima and Amavasya). Hence, the victim should be cautious on these days.

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amel soname


darshan said...

I get bad dream , and frequent night fall , we have lot of dept , we get new job work but don't paid for it
I am very weak I eat well but i'm very thin

please help me out

rahana said...

i need to find someone who removes black magic evil eye someone has put a bad on me to destroy my life. can t find anyone. i need someone honest knows what there doing as magic is so bad. loosing things in my life. if u. know someone , the person has to be strong. honest, and powerful ,as this magic is so strong urgently need help .if know anyone please send number .thanks

Haroon said...

Dear Sir,

My name is Haroon currently living in Islamabad. Could you help me out. Whether I am suffering from witchcraft or disease. Could you cure it and how much does it cost?

Anonymous said...

i am a Muslim..i am going through a lot of problems for 3 yrs.. i had to divorce my husband for a lot of reasons.. it was an arranged marriage.. he and his family lied about themselves.. also i found that he is gay.. he likes boys.. he had no interest in me.. but still as he begged me to continue marriage with him, i tried to conceive.. whn i became pregnant he and his family started to torture me mentally and physically.. when i was at my in laws house i used to experience a lot of things.. then i came to know that my mother in law performed black magic on me.. when i was 4 months pregnant i came to my mothers house and stayed here since then.. i have read ur blog and all the symptoms match.. i dont know what to do.. im am currently studying but i dont have any seriousness towards it.. it is hampering my grades.. also i feel like having sex all the time.. like everyday and most of the time of the day i feel it.. i am seeing a guy now and intending to get married again.. i need to fix myself if there is anything wrong.. i want to live in peace.. may be my ex-husband's mom has done something to me... i need help..

plz respond...

tariq said...

My cousin is in serious problem she has tried to commit suicide she is in depression since September 2013 as she claims. When we took her to a peer in Pakistan he took out a taweez from her dupatta the taweez showed a Hindu goddess turning into a male. So she is having disturbing thoughts and feelings of liking the same sex do you think you can help her?

maharajah said...

i m maharajah problem is that every who see me becomes the enemy of me .. and i know who is doing this type of magic on me ... i want to protect my self form every type of jadoo etc. and i want to learn magic and want to stand up in such way that no jadoo effects my life and carrier ... plzzz help me guide me how can i learn the magic of protection of my self...

Anonymous said...

hey salam sir my fiance having periods till eid !! and its about long time and no medicine affecting to stop this she already cure from magic 2-3 times is there any way to cure her permanently !!
regards and wait for u r reply

NAVEED said...

Asalamualikum Amel Sahib,

Mera nam Naveed hey aur may montreal, canada may rehta hoon. Ap ko google serach say dhoonda hay aur ap muj ko
sachey aur achay amel lagey. Thats why I am writing you. I have a problem in my house. I have three children, 7 year. In our house we dont have a peace always something going on, mentally, financially, morally, physically tension is every where from the business and from the children?? problem is pouring ??
My priority is my son he is 16 year old. he gave us a lot of tensions in the house every second day. He is coming late night at home and he dont listen, he yell and using bad language. He is hanging around with bad friends. he had a big accident 2 days ago but alhamdulilah he is safe but car is total lost. he is not focusing in the study and he failed. About daughter she is very grumpy and moody. she is better then him but she is also aggarvated. Bus kuch samaj nahi ata kay nazar hey, I pray everyday five time and morning recite surat yaseen i make dua but situation is detiorating day by day. I need your help??? Me and my wife are trying to manage our best but its seems to be out of control. Please ap ki madad chaiye?

remember in your prayer

Anonymous said...

Sir I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the concerted efforts you are deploying towards humanitarian service Unfortunately I have been a victim of severe black magic which has now become lethal and beyond the limits of tolerance I would request your gracious help and your monumental favours shall be lauded for my remaining life I obtained my masters degree from USA as a Fulbright scholar and despite most tempting offers abroad I returned home to serve with missionary zeal I have served at home with dedication and I have been responsible for the completion of mega development projects during the last 3 decades I have also served as ManagingDirector Presently my life is miserable with magic Please help

Jabeen said...


I came across your website and found it useful. My issue is I feel some people are trying to practice jaadu on me, and I often see visions of snakes, many a times I also wake up in the middle of the night & see forms which I presume are jinns. Could you please help me and is there a way you can tell if I am affected by majic/jinn or is this all in my head. Thank you for the help

Anonymous said...

I visited your website ,about black magic ,it is very informative
I am a victim of black magic ,can you help me out by removing it.

Anonymous said...

Aslam o Alaikum,

Respected Sir,
I have my health problem from almost 20 years, my health in downing
day by day very speedy, but it is not diagnosing in medical, please
check and inform to me about my problem, i am in very trouble,

Anonymous said...

I have just read your article on 'sex related problems' and this is what I am talking about. he is not interested in this, but other than this all is fine and I know for a fact that he is not with anyone else. since we have been married we do not make love more than once/twice a month and some months none and he will avoid this if he can but other than this he is fine. neither of us have any physical problems around this either. so I hope that he can show me some interest here as it is very very upsetting for me and of course because of this I cannot try for a baby.

please help, I think he is so far from deen, he is a good man though and he does look after me and his family and we have no other problems mashallah.

Please advise.

thank you.

irfan said...

Dear Sir
For Last many years my whole family is in problems , our businesses not working, marriage problem, our lives are ruined n now we are on roads n since 10 years m going to molvi's etc to break this jadoo everyone says same its very very hard and 2 left work in bw

someone told me look for Amil Soname n i search your web and find out please sir help me now we we are tired n hopeless

Please reply me

maha said...


I started meditating with white light, in the beaning i used to have several dreams.
But now when im doing blue light muraqaba, the one tht is for beginners. My heart has started aching. It was after or during the muraqaba initially but now it starts every now and then, will im working talking to someone, or sitting idle.

Its severe now, my ring finger and smallest fingers have also started hurting with the heartache. Although i have stopped with the zikar too but the pain is still there.

What happens now? Whats next and what shall i be doing now.
Also, pain in my third eye and crown area is also always there, rarely stops.

I am 28 years old female.
Waiting for your asap response.

Anonymous said...

I get your suggestions from online. I downloaded jalaly mokelat. I am listening before 2days to now. I feel little better. Before I was very upset. I feel full bad smell from my body. Asleep face and my under penus area is very black and very bad smell. I am very distributed. I have not proper condition. Not proper job. Days are going very sad. But I hope I shall get success. In sha Allah, I also very upset from Amil hazrat. If you can help me any money demand then this will be good for me and you. And one more thing is that I am not married. I tried many time but failed. Please pray for me, this will be your kind love. I am from Pakistan. I am Sunni.
Allah bless you

Anonymous said...

i need job as i applying every where for 3 months and i am also facing a problem that i night when i sleep i see some time dirty dreams that i am girl etc and the result when i wake up i feel it is real as my cloth become dirty coz of these dreams i am really sick of the it is happening almost now 5 year and still on and off it happened . i am single and i am 24 year old now .

Anonymous said...

Hello! please om few yers can you help me.I and my child have very trabel with inkom.Beför vi have very good income. From
few yers vi have much trabel with mony.i dont no what happend.i cannot pay my bil.
please can check för me if any one have bandash my ekonomi.iam very sed.i must ask any one.
my best frend says to my imust kames ask many. i no allow hath pelaw. she says me sharm ni aati hath pelate hu.faqiro ki tara na mango.
pleaes can you give me any wazifa.Really iam very sed.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum Amel soname I really need your help because you help millions of people around the world so I want to be one of them. The problem is in our area there are witches or people that are in cultism, what they are doing is, they are changing to cat, dog or any evil animal when they are going to their meeting at 12:00 am mid night and they are able to take innocent spirit or shadow of a person if Allah permits them, when they tie his spirit the person will fall sick and they will kill the person and drink his blood after some days or a week. They can give an innocent person something to eat in order to put the person inside that evil society and if they do that, they will demand somebody that u love most in your family. ALL This Description I do is to make u understand the evil people am talking about.
What I want from u is tell me what to do in order to identify them in a community and how to get rid of them because they can talk like a jinn when they are catch inside the body of a person I.e exorcism, they can even separate marriage when they are possessing the groom or the bride.
So please and please help me and give me any du'a or istikhara or anything that will make me understand if somebody is in that evil society or cultism and how to kill their spirit so that it will not change to any animal again. Am waiting for your feedback please. Wassalamu'alaikum.

Odein said...

Hello Amel,

I am not muslim, but can the Quran solutions help find out where Black Magic attacks are coming from? They cause too much problems for me.

What can I do? Can you assist? I don't know how to read the Quran, maybe you can help?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu alaikum : I am desperate in need of help can you please help My grandmother is not well in health she's is in the bed with high fever illness sugar diabetes or evil jaadu black magic we have lot of jealous evil enemy relatives cousins please can you help

Khushboo Oberoi said...

jo symptoms batae h na apne sab k sb h eknb nae jo n ho pls hal batae aur jisse meri zindagi sudhre mhe pagal ho jaingi