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Difference between one time black magic symptoms and ongoing black magic symptoms

As salamu allaiqum
In modern century magicians are more educating in doing black magic. In past years ago magician do black magic only one time. But now they are well educate to harm people. Some magician they repeat their spell again and again. Why they do this because they want victim more suffer black magic.  The main question is how to identify if this black magic is one time black magic or ongoing. It’s very simple note your daily routine time and keep watch your clock if you have pain in your body first note this time for example. Victim is in home and he feels pain in neck 9pm and have some stress or pain in legs, shoulder or evil spirits attack. In the next day same time 9pm if this situation will create again. And victim feels same pain or spirits attack so its mean magician is repeating their spell again. The question is why magician chooses the same time to do black magic again and again. They answer is simple magician have lot of work to do they choose their free timing most of the magician they choose night timing they know in darkness magician magic will work fast. If any victim is not feeling pain in the same time its mean magician is not repeating the same spell if victim feel pains or effects of black magic only one day its mean black magic is done only one time and it’s not ongoing black magic. In my experience one time black magic treatment is easy but if any person who is continuous victim of black magic. There treatment is very hard its take lot of time to solve this issue. some magician are very smart they do black magic through evil spirits ( shaitan jinns ) these magician they assign evil spirits to victim and there evil spirits do black magic over and over again on a continuous basis so this type of black magic is ongoing black magic through spirits .

read this article evil spirits can do black magic there own self

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Rehan said...

salam brother

i have black magic from almost 3 year and also on my one elder brother and on my elder sister from long time they have very long magic but i was suffered from almost 3 year mean while i have contacted many Amils some people says i am affected by my family i m cured but not forever but few days then again comes all did but not cured last time i contact one more person 30 days ago he said i am affected by Qureen/Queen that a jinns he said when we born.
some time it does affected and some time not affected like i am affected or my brother and sister and my mother (mother passed away june 2005)
he said i think true i have seen Queen/qreen she send jinns towards me for attack on me when i read Quran too much then she come.
when i read quran then leave me and after some time again come back to target me i have read in start Too much still i m reading last man spoke me my case very difficult but he put too much affect to remove them he remove them i am feeling good but he said he has finished my work like quran reading i did too.
he also said my case is very different and hard.
now am sleeping just fine than before condition but all night i play surah bakra or Rukhiya whole night iam seeing very less dreams than before even i very start i saw phycially black shadow he comes in my body i think its still in my body or some time he comes because each night he try to divert my mind to dirt i always keep sabar
i have many things to share with you like mind blocking/heart beating/ study problems/ stress/ tiredness/ too many dreams etc dirty or horror/ etc when i listen Rukhiya then i feel fine for some time then again problems comes.
when i feel bad i keep listening Rukhiya etc
i am tired too much
please give me guide line

nazia said...

i need help. desperate. horrible black magic on me and my family. i need help.

Anonymous said...

sir i am ayyub . i am suffering with problems since 19 yrs not having any work even dont have single money.
no health having piles n paining in the body no relax from several years all danger dreams every time can u pls suggest me. if u kindly tell me what shall i do next will obey ur order
what can i do next, sir pls waiting for ur reply
jazakumullah khair

Anonymous said...


i have few symptoms of black magic on me
1. spent money very fast .
2. pain every where in the body without resin .
3. lose money in any business try to do very carefully but something happens bad .
4. today every thing going fine but certainly every thing change in very next day .
i borrow the money from my friends and i lost all in china business .
i want to give back but how i have no way . this time i am in china looking for job earn money and finish the loan .

Anonymous said...

Dear Bhai,


Hope you are well. I have got your site through website. You can not
imagine how much I am happy to get that. I lost everything. I started
business again and again but fail. Today I got that.

Please please send me. Do you have any AMOL to get success in business?
Please send me.


Anonymous said...

My husband hates me without reason. He abuse me and my family and puts blame on me. He is staying with his parents and i am with my parents. His mother have done black magic on him terribly that he is not listening to anyone. His mother is god for him. He is far so how to remove black magic from him. I am an Hindu. Please help me to remove the black magic from my husband and separate him from his mother who is destroying his life.

Anonymous said...


Before I tell about our problem, I need to know if it is OK to
send you the details of what we are facing and would you be kindly willing
to help us.


pinder said...

about my son he is suffering his stomach is going to enlarge day by day. he feel that a ball means gastic trouble which is given through black magic or any thing else how can he get rid off this thing

nigar said...


In recent times I and my family had been facing a lot many problems which I could find no logical reason for, while researching about it I came across your blog. And to my wonder almost all symptoms mentioned in your blog were a kind of part of our life. Not only this but even any good and awaited events or relations turn out to be a disaster without giving us a chance to think.

All these cumulative disasters have kind of created an atmosphere of restlessness and negativity, it makes us feel like we are hostage at our own place and when so ever we seek for help from outside for some reason or the other it doesn't get materialized.

After reading your blog I kind of hope that you could help me find some solution to our seemingly never ending problems.


Anonymous said...

Asalamalekum brother amel
My husband and in laws removed me from their house threatening me that they will make me naked and send some of their village relatives to dishonor me, I had to run away with one dress in my body to save myself from khabis people. They took away all my wealth and jahez its been two and half years I got married I lived with my husband hardly for 3 months and he never touched me anytime liking. My husband bought a maid servant from his parents village and I saw him most times he got physical with her, since I was just one month bride I did not say to him anything later they became close even in public, he kept this prostitute woman for almost two and half years, I gave that woman servant my clothes as my husband tore her clothes many times when his rest of family was absent locking me in a room, later I understood he had sex with her and tore her clothes, now that prostitute is enjoying my bed, my house, my jahez, I became v poor now, no one helps in my
family, I took it to police this matter but in vain and court is not with me too, he has got them with money. Pls help me to get back my husband and my jahez and let this prostitute go away from my married life. Pls help me.

Ahsan said...


Thanks for your kind reply brother. I got your Email from Google.
Actually my ex-wife does not allow me to see my daughter.
I love my daughter so much. She is 4years old. I have been to
the court and the court has decided that the father is allowed
to see the daughter every weekend.
Because of my daughter I have paid so much money to my
Lawyer, and because of paying many bills right now I am hand to mouth.
I don't have money right now. I am totally broke. I want you to help me
to see my daughter.
Secondly I have so many bills which I am paying each month. Please
do something so that I can get rid off all my bills.

Waiting for your reply,

Fahim said...

Sir assalamu alaikum,
I am interested very much with ur info in blog. abt 25yrs ago when i was 13, I found something went out from heart and something bad get into it, i was sweating and my brain got clouded by something. Since then I am in serious trouble, i am losing memory and I feel the magician did extremely bad to me. I am going to try sihir but i cant read the dua, can u pls make it in english pronounce to me? Pls Give me ur precious suggestion to me ,because i m feeling helpless. Pls sir do something to this bandah of Allah.

Ayesha said...

Assalamu Alaikum Saheb

I am Ayesha, since many days i am facing many problems constantly so someone suggest me to contact some amil to find out the reason of my sudden sickness and failure in my career. I had tried my best to get things done, even it comes to get in my favor but in the end it turns something else. So if u have anything help me out please let me know. I am staying in Hyderabad, India. If u want i can come to meet u personally regarding my problems.

Thank you & Regards

Anonymous said...

hello ...................i have problem with some body he not pay my money.
can you do block magic on hi to force him to pay my money?
and how much is your charge?

Hassan said...


I am an IT professional , my family is having some strange situation
which we believe is because of someone did some Magic on whole family. Here are some details

- My niece started getting Fits at the age of 12 till now and is in critical condition now. It started suddenly
while she never had problems before.
- Recently My other niece is having madness type of attacks where she suddenly started running
to roof and wants to jump , she sees things not sure what
- I myself see Blue and white light most of the time, specially while praying or doing Zikar.During Zikar
I feel something gets out of my body as if it trying to escape from my body.
- My brothers and mother are having burning effect in the Tummy and on the heads. Doctors
could not figure out any thing.

I am pretty much sure it is not normal. Please suggest some Amal (according to Sharia)

Thanks and Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Salam brother,

I hope you are in the best of health and everything with you is great. I have been reading your blogs for quite sometime. I wanted to contact you earlier but didnt have the guts to do it. I need your help in something that can be profitable for both of us. I would be grateful if you could please reply back as soon as possible. Thankyou in advance.

May Allah bless you,


haridey said...

Sir I am Really helpful. Because my fried have a problem. May be He effected in an Black Magic. I think One girl do this job & The girl want him and when he said he not interest about her may be this time he do some block magic and now my friend totally impress this girl.
Now what can we do. Please Sir give me some suggest....

Amreen said...


I am Amreen , percussing BE.EEE(M) ( electrical and electronic engineering ) .
I am final year student I want to get a very good job in my field ..
I have attended many interview , I am reaching to the final stage but not getting placed ... so please tell me any dua or amel to get a good job .

any amel to compleat all the wishes ... ghr mai abbujan ke tabyat bhe thek nhe hai ... or pase ke bhot zrurat hai .... merelaye es time mai job krna bhot zruri hai ....

and also I want to know according to my name addad what and how many time I should do.... any stone should i ware or anything if i need to do plz tell me

duao mai yaad rekhna , ameen

hanif said...

Assalam Alaikum Warah mathullahi Wa Barakatuhu Amel Sab,

I m Suffering from Huge financial bebts ,I have taken Business loan & Gold Loan, Im not getting any sources for repaying the loan amount, Im frustated,not able to concentrate in any work & worried very much,not even in salaahs, My business is also not running well (Im not getting interest in my business )

Amel Sab Please do istikhara for below :

1.We are running a Preschool it is going under loss, we are having hopes in Allah Ta ala that this time it will workout with some profits,the Academic Starts from June 2014, I want to know whether to Continue or to Sell the School....

2. I m Having Huge Debts and will be repaid continuing the school & approximate time when i can pay the debts...

3. My business is also not running well (Not able to concentrate & i would able to convert into Orders, whenever i proceed for enquiry i feel fear i would not able do it on the way itself i will come back, Sometimes I will get success 90% order but after that i again i fail,
Whatever i do i am getting success from last four years, Which ever the jaiz work we want to do their will be lot of Hurdles in our Way...

My & my Wife condition is very worst, we are under tremendous pressure, sometimes we feel why it is happening with us, Why Allah Tala is doing like this with us, we are Having 3 Daughters elder one is 8yrs old & Second is Twins of 4yrs old, We are in no positions to tolerate more Difficulties...

Please make Istakhara & Dua Behalf of me so that we can go according to that......I feel im not having luck in my life.Im an unsuccessful person, I feel ashamed of myself for current situation.

Please suggest some good ways to repay my loan amount as soon as possible,I want to become free from all difficulties, Hurdles & Problems by the sake of Allah Ta ala....may god succeed you in this world & hereafter..Please make Dua to us and All Ummath.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

Salaam'alaikum va Rah'mathullah!!

I am writing this to you after a great deal of online research and finding your web page!! Upon visiting your webpage, I got a ray of hope that Insha Allah I would get a real solution to my complicated problem I am caught with.

I had been working as a private employee in different companies for the last 10 years. In my previous job, I enjoyed a good position, trust and rapport with my boss and company.

However, things changed strangely and I was asked to resign on the pretext of non performance, where as I was one of the best performing employees in the company!! Though shocked with this, I had to resign with no option.

Since then, it is 2½ years now that I lost my job and unable to get any job/source of income till now. In between, I ventured into a partnership business with my brother, that also proved to be a blunder and incurred a huge loss.

Though I’ve given lot of interviews, but the end result is negative. Sometimes, I would not even clear the 1st stage, or sometimes Half-way, and sometimes even if I get a job offer, either I would decline the offer myself or the company would revoke it ultimately!

As my hard days are impending, I request you to kindly advice the cause of all this and whether any Black Magic is spelled on me. If so, kindly suggest the best course of action(treatment) in the light of Holy Quran, Hadith and Sunnah.

Thank you for your time and anticipate ur kind reply at the earliest plz.

Jazakallah Khair.